How to overcome fear of dogs in a simple way

The cynophobia is the particular fear or uncontrolled to the dogs, may be due to a bad experience of the past or a completely unknown feeling in which these animals are seen as a threat . This type of phobia limits the lives of many people who experience anxiety and discomfort even against small breeds, so it is important to find a way to overcome the fear of dogs in a simple way. In .com we provide you with some keys to achieve it.

Steps to follow:


Identifying the origin of fear is the first step you must take to overcome this phobia. Explore in your memories or consult your relatives to try to know if this anxiety comes from a bad past experience or if it is a fear that has grown inside you for unknown reasons


It is good that you understand that although there are races that by their physical appearance could seem intimidating or aggressive, not all dogs have these qualities and a great part of their attitude has to do with their upbringing. You must inform yourself about these animals so that knowledge helps you to calm the fear


Ignorance and repeating what many repeat will only serve to reinforce your fears . "Rottweilers are aggressive, pitbulls are violent", this type of dogs are big and very strong but if they are raised properly they are not violent animals, so you must use reason rather than emotion to combat your phobia


After locating yourself in the point of reason and knowledge it is time for you to begin to face your fear as the only way to overcome it, that is why you must expose yourself gradually to the presence of the dogs


Start with puppy dogs that inspire tenderness and desire for protection, if it is a friend or better known as well as you can accompany him during his growth and go involved with the pet and knowing its noble and friendly character


When you have more control of the situation you can expose yourself to another level, for example playing with the dog of a stranger that inspires confidence. You must be testing your limits instead of staying locked in the comfort zone of your fears


If your fear is due to a past experience, remember that this has already happened and that not all animals deserve to be judged by a single incident. If you do not know the origin with more reason it's time to overcome it, it does not make sense to suffer a fear that dominates you if you do not even know where it comes from, strive to fight it


If despite trying to follow these tips and strive to overcome your fear of dogs, you feel a paralyzing phobia when any dog ​​approaches you, and you think that this condition may be limiting your life, maybe it is advisable that you visit a therapist . A professional can help you overcome your fear of dogs. But remember that there are no magic formulas and that all the work depends on you and your desire to put aside this fear.

  • If you feel that your terror is too strong and you are not able to overcome it only then it is advisable that you consult a specialist