How to take care of a schnauzer

The schnauzer is one of the most popular and sold breeds in the world, its charming appearance and its variety of sizes make it the perfect pet to live both in a house and in an apartment. But this animal, like any other, requires special attention, so if you are thinking about adding it to your family in .com we give you the keys so you know how to take care of a schnauzer.

Steps to follow:


The schnauzer is a versatile breed that has different sizes: you can find it in small size, perfect for an apartment, medium size that could also be adapted to this place and giant size, which will feel much more comfortable in a large space with a garden, You will need much more activity than a small one.


The schnauzer is a long-lived animal, because with the proper care could reach an average of 15 years, so it is important to give all the attention you need to ensure that the entire period of your life is healthy and happy.


Schnauzer dogs are very active and playful dogs that get along quite well with children, but they can also become dominant and resentful. That is why they need a master who knows how to control them and who also gives them love so that they do not feel sad or ignored, which could lead them to assume a negative attitude. Beginning to educate the dog from the sixth week will be very important to master your character effectively.


The schnauzer is a great vigilant because he has a tendency to be always attentive to what happens to his environment. The little ones are good at noticing that something is wrong, the big ones will be great guardians and the medium ones will perform both functions.


Their coat is quite characteristic and will require washing once a month with a shampoo of special preference for them, since they tend to suffer from allergies on the skin. In we help you to know how to care for a dog with allergies. It is also important to brush them once a week so they look much better with a special dog comb.

In we give you some tips so you know how to brush your dog's hair as well as some tricks to take care of your dog's hair.


As in any other breed, the feeding should be in accordance with the stage in which the animal is always balancing the consumption of food with physical exercise to keep the dog healthy.

In we give you some tips that will help you to know how to feed your dog, and how to choose your dog's food. It is also important that you know the foods that are toxic to a dog such as chocolate, onion or garlic. Remember that it is best to offer the animal a balanced diet through feed and special foods, as feeding it with home-made food may prevent it from receiving the vitamins and nutrients it needs.


It does not matter if you have the small or large breed, you should know that this dog is by nature active because of it requires a daily exercise quota. Walking, playing or interacting with other animals in a dog park will be necessary to ensure your well-being and health. In we explain how much exercise time your dog needs so you know how many minutes of the day you should dedicate to be active.


The schnauzer can be a bit jealous and territorial so in many cases he will not feel comfortable in the presence of other animals, so it is very important that from puppies socialize with other dogs and different species, so it will get used to and be less intense in this aspect. In we help you to know how to present two dogs.


Like any other dog, your schnauzer needs attention, care and exercise to grow healthy and strong. Therefore, dedicate time and attention and you will see how your pet will become an excellent companion for many years.

  • These animals are good companions but they can feel very affected if you do not pay attention to them, so avoid ignoring them