How to teach a cat not to scratch and bite hands

It is very common for a small kitten to take the habit of biting and scratching our hands. This behavior is not at all aggressive, for the kitten it is a game and usually at the beginning it is funny but as the animal grows and its nails, teeth and strength increase too, this game becomes increasingly painful for the owner. The most usual thing is that when the cat matures and reaches adulthood it abandons its own game habits, but if we do not want to wait or want to make sure that it actually happens, we can instill the cat with the idea that our hand is not a toy. In .com we explain how to teach a cat not to scratch and bite his hands .

Steps to follow:


At first it is convenient to avoid using your hands to provoke or play with the animal as if your fingers were a prey. The cat is a born hunter and as a child will not distinguish between your hand and a toy, nor will he know what causes you pain.

When the cat scratches or bites you, it screams in pain and withdraws your hand slowly and calmly. It is very important that you remove your hand slowly, if you do it quickly the cat will interpret that you are playing and will try to scratch or bite you again.


Next we must scold the cat in the only way he understands and accepts, which is how his mother would do it: take him by the skin of the neck and lower his head until it almost touches the ground. Keep the cat in this position firmly but loosely for 5 seconds and let go. It may seem unpleasant at first, but this strategy will let the animal know that it did something wrong without hurting it or causing it harm.


Whenever the cat scratches or bites you or when you see that you do it with others at home, you must repeat the same lesson. It is important to be clear that, just as happens when we reprimand a dog, the call should be made at the moment and not later, because the animal will not know what it did wrong if it does not relate your reaction to the action you have just committed.


Cats bite and scratch our hands to play so do not remove your favorite toy without providing a substitute toy: a ball, a string, a laser, etc. It is important that the cat plays even when he has reached adulthood to stay in shape.

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Many people want to continue playing with their cat with their hands and to minimize the painful result of this habit they protect their hands with gloves. If you do this you should know that your cat will continue to think that your hand is a toy and will "attack" them to play whenever he wants, wearing gloves or not, so it is best to correct this behavior as soon as possible to avoid annoying injuries.

  • To teach a cat not to scratch and bite your hands you can also talk to a veterinarian, he will advise you.