How to make my cat adapt to a move

Cats are very territorial animals, so a move can be a critical moment for them. There are few cats that have escaped from the new home of their masters in search of their old home, even if they are miles away, finding it at best or losing themselves in many others. To avoid situations like those described, in .com we give you a series of tips that answer the question of how to make my cat adapt to a move .

Steps to follow:


Our pets are like sponges that absorb our moods. Although it seems that the cats are doing their thing, it is not like that and, if we are nervous about moving home, they will be too.


The last thing that we have to dismantle from our old home is the crib, the blanket and the toys of our cat, so that, as far as possible, they can be comfortable at home until the last moment.


During the transfer, especially if we change city, we have to ensure that the cat travels comfortably in the carrier. If we have to take it with the car full of boxes, locate it so that they do not obscure the visibility and can have us in their sights.


Once we get to the new house, the first thing we have to do is find a suitable place for our cat's space, the closest thing to the previous house.


The most probable thing is that as soon as the cat arrives it will hide under a bed or a table, in search of a safe place in what he considers a strange environment. We should not force him to abandon him, since the cat needs time to get used to it.


It can take hours or even days, but finally the cat will go out to explore and get to know his new home . We must let him walk through all the rooms of the house and rub against furniture and doors, marking them with his pheromones. It is the natural way that the cat has to take ownership of the house.


When you have already investigated, we have to direct the cat to the places we have chosen for him to eat, relieve himself and sleep. When you find the objects that you had in the old home, everything will be easier for you. If we want to renovate, it is better to let a few months pass, when the cat is already used to his new home.