How to feed a sterilized cat

In order to control the birth rate and reduce animal abandonment, many people decide to sterilize their cat or cat, a smart decision especially if we can not keep more than one pet at home. This procedure also helps to reduce territoriality and aggressive behavior, but makes our animal run the risk of becoming obese, so in .com we give you some suggestions for you to discover how to feed a sterilized cat .

Steps to follow:


After sterilization, the cat decreases the secretion of sex hormones, which increases its appetite. In the first months after the intervention the animal can eat between 20 and 25% more than what it ate before, but it spends less energy because it also becomes more passive


If we do not regulate the amount of food during the first days after the intervention and rather wait until the animal has already gained weight, we may find ourselves with the scenario that our cat is obese, a situation that puts their health at risk


If your cat has been sterilized then take into account that you must better regulate the quantities of food you provide, because in addition to greater appetite the cat is less active, this measure must be carried out from the moment when your animal is neutered. Do not increase the portions with respect to what you ate before, now you will assimilate it much more


If you usually give your cat reward cookies or any food besides the feed you should do it with a lot of moderation, because this type of "prizes" will make your animal gain an extra kilos that do not need


You must encourage your cat to be more active . Unlike dogs we can not take them out for a walk, so you should play at home with one of their toys, encourage them to run behind an object that they like and make them move a little


Remember to choose a quality feed that provides all the nutritional requirements you need. Check with your veterinarian if there is any recommended food brand especially for cats that have been neutered


If your cat has gained weight you should consult a veterinarian with a plan to help you lose weight, remember that obesity is a serious matter that could lead your animal to suffer from various health problems

  • After sterilizing the animal consult your veterinarian about the recommendations that you should follow at a nutritional level to keep your animal in shape
  • A sterilized cat requires more care at a nutritional level to lead a healthy and happy life