How to remove knots from my cat's hair

Cats groom themselves and, normally, we do not need to worry about their hygiene or brushing them . However, sometimes, because they have been neglected or their hair has become dehydrated, knots are formed that make them look bad and even prevent them from cleaning properly with their tongue. To help you care for your cat, in .com we answer the question of how to remove knots from my cat's hair .

Steps to follow:


If the cat is long-haired, it is very important that we help our cat combing it every day. We have to dedicate this task to him for about five minutes and we have to do it well, that is, taking the hair from his birth; otherwise, the knots could be formed equally. We must use a metal comb.


On the other hand, if the cat has short hair does not need to use the comb every day to avoid knots, it will be enough to do it two or three days each week. In this case, we will use a rubber comb, so as not to hurt our pet on the skin.


If any knot has been created in the fur of our cat, we should try to undo it with our fingers. We have to have some patience but, if after two minutes, we do not achieve our goal, we will proceed to cut the knot with a pair of round tip scissors, to avoid damaging the feline .


If we usually bathe our cat, one way to prevent knots from forming is to use a conditioner after shampooing. Thus, the coat will be softer and it will be more difficult to get your hair tangled . See our article How to bathe my cat at home to know more about it.


If you want to check that your cat's hair is free of knots, we indicate the most common areas in which they are formed:

  • Underarms
  • Back of the ears.
  • Back of the thighs.


It is important that we accustom the cat from small to the comb . In this article, you will find tips on brushing the cat. The formation of knots in a generalized way can force us to completely rape it, something that the veterinarian must do and that, sometimes, requires the cat to be sedated slightly.