How to get my motorcycle license

Since 2010, there are four different permits to drive a motorcycle, starting with a moped and ending with high-capacity motorcycles. Thus, there are four different driving licenses, one for mopeds and three for motorcycles. If you are thinking about getting the AM, A1, A2 or A card, which are progressively required for motorcycle driving, here we show you step by step how to achieve it and basic differences between them.

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Driving licenses and licenses are issued by the Provincial and Local Traffic Headquarters after verifying that the drivers gather the knowledge, skills and aptitudes required. In the case of motorcycles there are four different permits. The first, called Driving Permit AM, is designed for vehicles under 50cc . The second, the A1, is for bikes with a maximum displacement of 125cc . The third, the A2, which serves for vehicles between 125cc and 500cc . And finally the fourth, the A, allows to drive motorcycles of any displacement .


Get up to date with the new regulation and if you have any doubts, consult the page of the General Directorate of Traffic.


To apply for the A1, A2 or A driving license you must fill out an official form that is available at all Traffic Headquarters. You will have to start the procedures to get the motorcycle license at the same headquarters, approaching the 'driver's window' and asking for a date for the exams .


At the Traffic Headquarters you will be required to submit a psychophysical aptitude report issued by an authorized driver recognition center, which must be located in the same province where you decide to get your card. It is a medical review in which you will evaluate, among other things, your vision and your hearing. When you are going to submit to the test, you will have to take a recent photograph of 35 x 25 mm.


You will need the following documentation: - DNI in force, or, failing that, the passport. Foreigners must present the identification document for foreigners (NIE) and prove their residence in the country or, if applicable, their status as a student. - Psychotechnical aptitude report. - Two photographs of 35 x 25 mm, one of the which must be adhered to the psychotechnical aptitude report. - A written statement of not being deprived by judicial resolution of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds, nor subjected to intervention or suspension of which one possesses. - A written declaration of no be the holder of another permit, either issued in Spain or in another EU country, of the same kind as that requested. - If you plan to take the A license progressively you will have to present a photocopy of the driving license that you already have with the original. - Heel photo signed and completed. It is a document that is delivered to you in the same headquarters.


The Directorate General of Traffic charges a fee that varies according to the permit that is requested. In the case of motorcycle permits, the fee is approximately 85 euros. This amount can vary from year to year, so it is best that you consult by contacting the DGT. Preparing the exam with a driving school will save you a lot of paperwork and the problem of getting or renting a motorcycle, although it will cost you dearly: 400 euros approx. If you want to get permission A, the amount is slightly lower in case you want to get permission A1 or A2. But you can also prepare it for free, which will cost you considerably less (a little more than 100 euros approx.), Although you will have to test yourself with a motorcycle or rental.


As regards minimum ages Permit A1 : the minimum age is 16 years A2 Permit : the minimum age is 18 years. This permit can be obtained progressively if the applicant is two years old of the A1 permit. Permit A : the minimum age is 20 years and 2 years old with the A2.


Once the documentation has been submitted and all the requirements have been met, you must pass four exams . First of all, a theoretical examination that you do not need to do if you have another driver's license that is at least one year old. Then, you must submit to another theoretical test that consists of 20 questions and in which you can only commit two faults. You will also be exempt from taking this exam if you already have an A1 type card at least one year old. Finally, you will then have to undergo two internships, the first one in closed circuit and the second one in public.


To obtain official information about the tests and requirements you can go to or call the nearest Traffic Office.