How can I keep my dog ​​always clean

To keep my dog always clean, you must follow a series of important instructions. It is not complicated but like everything in life if it is the first time you have a dog it is important that you document and look for information to know how to clean your dog and that its hygiene is correct. You should also keep in mind that the hygiene of the dog changes according to age, then from .com we explain a little more.

Steps to follow:


Do not bathe the dog until 7 days after being vaccinated . If necessary, clean it with a dry shampoo or cloth moistened with rosemary alcohol and then brush vigorously.


When you can bathe, use a shampoo for dogs or, failing that, a shampoo for children with an acidic pH. Dry completely with a towel and dryer. The frequency of the bath is very variable depending on the type of dog and its way of life: an animal that has long or live hair in the field will get dirty more than one with short, homemade hair. You can detect the naked eye when a dog is dirty and you should wash it .


Long-haired dogs should brush at least once a day to avoid knotting and remove dead hair. In short-haired dogs it is convenient to do it twice a week.


It is important to clean the ears (especially if the dog has fallen ears), mouth and check the dog's nails.


To clean the ears do the cleaning with a cotton swab dipped in a little alcohol or using specific products for sale in specialized stores or clinic, without going too deep to avoid damaging the ear canal.


To clean the mouth of the dog, give your dog imitation (leather) bones once or twice a month, since for him it represents a toy, they do not splinter and clean the tartar of the teeth.


To clean the dog's nails you should not do anything if your dog does a lot of exercise because they clean naturally. Otherwise, take your dog to the vet to have it cut. Do not try to do it yourself because you could damage the nerve that is in them, which is very painful for the animal.


Observe if you drag your bottom by rubbing against the ground, you may have parasites or your anal glands may be full. You should take it to the veterinarian to deworm it or to empty the glands.