How to prevent a bitch in heat from getting pregnant - the best tips

Those who have a dog without spaying or neutering often have problems to keep the dogs away from her when she is in heat and to prevent them from crossing, something that if not looked for can be a big problem for many. The best thing, when it comes to legal breeders, is always to prevent pregnancy to avoid abandoned litters, something very common for not being able to take care of so many dogs or not being able to find them a home. The abandonment of dogs is a problem worldwide and, therefore, the sterilization of males and females is recommended, as well as adopting instead of buying.

If you still have not been able to neuter or neuter your hairy and you wonder how to prevent a bitch in heat from getting pregnant, then keep reading this article where we tell you everything about it.

How to scare dogs away from a bitch in heat

The first thing to keep in mind to answer the question about how to prevent a bitch in heat from getting pregnant is to prevent her from getting together with males. Thus, scare the dogs of the dog in heat will be the most effective to prevent a litter not sought.

To keep dogs from approaching your dog in heat, try these simple tips:

  • Avoid your dog escapes from home, because in being in heat is likely at some point to do so to find a male to cross.
  • Avoid leaving her alone in the terrace or garden, because even if she does not escape, dogs can enter attracted by the signs that your hairy is in heat.
  • Wash or bathe your dog in heat and clean your house very well and, above all, the balcony, the garden or the terrace, to prevent dogs from perceiving the smell or, at least, not doing so intensely.
  • Use panties for the zeal of bitches, which serve to prevent staining, as a compress, but can also help to reduce the odor when covering the genital area, but it is not a very effective remedy on its own. For that reason, the best thing is that you follow all the rabbits at the same time.
  • Change the hours of the walks with your dog to avoid encountering other dogs. You can leave earlier or later than the hours when there are usually more dogs on the street.
  • Find quiet and secluded places to walk with your hairy.
  • Use anti-odor sprays, which serve to reduce the smell that males perceive of pheromones, but not to eliminate it. Check with your veterinarian before you start using one on your furry.
  • Consider a hormonal contraceptive or the operation to castrate or sterilize it as soon as possible. Speak all your doubts with your veterinarian.

Injection and contraceptive pills for female dogs

As we have mentioned, there are hormonal contraceptives for bitches: contraceptive pills and injections inhibiting estrus of bitches. Of course, they can only be purchased at veterinary centers and must be prescribed and administered by a veterinarian.

Pills so that a bitch does not get pregnant

These are contraceptive pills, similar to those used by women but adapted to bitches. Its operation causes the hormones to be altered and there are no ready ovules to be fertilized, so their zeal is altered. Of course, you can not give your dog birth control pills for women, they could pose serious harm to your health.

Contraceptive injection for female dogs

In the same way as the pills, there are injections with hormones that prevent the dog from going into heat, or at least prevent it from reaching the receptive phase of this cycle, that is to say that it reaches ovulation. Again only the veterinarian can decide on its use and manage them.

The hormonal contraceptives in bitches have many unwanted side effects, there are even studies that relate to these with the increased chances of bitches suffering from breast and uterine cancer. For this reason, veterinarians always recommend neutering or sterilizing, rather than always administering these contraceptives.

There are also intrauterine devices, such as the IUD in women, but they are discouraged even more than hormonal contraceptives in bitches.

Pill of the day after for dogs

If your dog has joined a male and suspected pregnancy, the pill of the day after for bitches can be a solution, but only the veterinarian can recommend it and give it to your hairy one. There are side effects that can worsen the dog's health, so it is a method that can be used once or very rarely throughout his life and, also for this reason, veterinarians prefer to sterilize rather than giving this type of treatment. treatments.

It is important to comment that if you realize that your hairy is crossing with a male, at that time you can not do anything to avoid it because they are stuck and try to take off two dogs when they cross can be very dangerous and harmful.

What to do to avoid the pregnancy of a bitch

We have talked about what we can do to prevent a bitch in heat from getting pregnant, but what can we do to prevent her from continuing to be jealous and prevent pregnancies? The truth is that the most advisable is, when you seek to avoid this situation, castration or sterilization of the dog when it is no longer in heat. The most usual, for the operation to go without complications and be really effective, is to intervene when the dog is not with the heat, that is, when their levels of sex hormones are normal and are not elevated. Both techniques are light operations.


It is the removal of the sexual organs through surgical intervention, which implies that the production of sexual hormones stops occurring and the females will no longer have the heat. The character of a dog operated with this procedure will not change, something that usually worries the owners. In females, there are two types of castrations: ovariectomy, in which only the ovaries are removed, and ovariohysterectomy, surgery in which the ovaries and uterus are removed.


A technique different from castration, since the sexual organs are not removed, but reproduction is prevented, making the sperm unable to reach the ovules. In the case of females it is the ligation of the fallopian tubes or uterine tubes. In this way, the female will continue to have the heat, her hormonal processes and behavior will not change, but pregnancy can be avoided.

What to do if my dog ​​is pregnant and I can not take care of the litter

When you have the suspicion or confirmation that a dog has become pregnant, you have to decide what you want and what you can do. For example, if you want to take care of the litter, staying with the children or finding a safe and responsible home, then we can choose to continue the pregnancy.

However, many times the dogs cross without the owners having sought it and then they can not take care of the pregnancy and, then, they wonder how to interrupt the pregnancy of a dog . Of course, the best solution is to prevent, as we have said, and it is better to sterilize than to have to operate a bitch every time you become pregnant and you can not or want to have puppies under our care. Anyway, if the situation comes, the best thing for all is to leave it in the hands of a veterinarian, since he is the only one who can decide how it is best to proceed and carry out the treatment, be it an abortion with surgery or chemical. Thus, the specialist will choose between operating or using an abortive injection for dogs or pills, as the case may be.

It is necessary to bear in mind before deciding what to do what are the secondary health problems that abortions involve with chemicals, being much more advisable surgery . In addition, if you have to perform an abortion on a bitch, either because you can not take care of the litter or because of a health problem, it is advisable to take advantage of the surgery to sterilize or castrate it, preventing the situation from recurring and improving your health