How to choose a daycare for my dog

Traveling is always a pleasure, but when it comes to leaving the city for many days, it is impossible to leave our dog alone. Many people simply do not have any family member or close friend who can take care of the pet, in those cases we should think of a daycare center . It is normal to feel afraid to leave our animal in these types of sites, but in .com we invite you to reassure yourself, because these are professional centers where they will treat your pet very well. Do you know how to choose a daycare for your dog ?, Find out right away.

Steps to follow:


Also known as canine residences, dog nurseries are an excellent option to keep your pet cared for while you go on vacation or embark on a long journey of work.

A good way to start researching is to ask your friends and acquaintances with dogs if they know of any that they can recommend. Your veterinarian is also an excellent alternative, because many times they work with nurseries that are of your total confidence, this option will undoubtedly give you much more tranquility.


Regardless of whether someone familiar has recommended a daycare for our dog, or that we have found it ourselves, it is always important to visit the center before even thinking about the possibility of leaving our dog there.

When the first thing we should notice is the state of the pets that are housed there, are they awake, happy and healthy? The animals housed there are the best proof of the kind of nursery you are about to choose.


Regarding the environment of the nursery, you should take into account several aspects:

  • General environment, cleanliness and state of residence
  • Appearance of the staff, are they professionals? Do they properly care for pets? Do they generate confidence?
  • The size and material of the cages. They must be wide and of a suitable material that helps to guarantee the animal's health
  • Look carefully at the appearance of the water and the food of the animals. If the water looks clean and the food fresh, it means that they take good care of the pets
  • Is there space for dogs to play? Do you take them out for a walk? Ask about recreational activities, because dogs are very active animals that need to exercise


Once you have decided on a nursery for your animal, it is important that you give all your contact information, and those of a friend or family member who is in the city in case it is necessary to go for an emergency.

If your pet has a special diet, a condition, illness or any characteristic that is important to highlight, it is necessary to let the staff know. It is also important to know about the character of your dog, his behavior in relation to other dogs, his attitude with strangers, etc., to be properly prepared.


Do not forget that in high season, such as summer or Christmas holidays, dog residences tend to fill up very quickly, so do not wait until the last moment to find one. When you find the ideal, and after careful supervision, reserve a space for your pet.