How to educate a doberman

The Doberman is an impressive race of elegant beauty, very athletic and far from the prejudices that exist about its dangerousness, it is a very intelligent and sociable animal. There is no dangerous animal, but a human that does not educate it and loves it as it deserves. The Doberman is an easy-to-train breed, very loyal to the family and they are extraordinary guardians. If you are lucky enough to share your life with a Doberman, you will have a faithful friend for your entire life. From .com we tell you how to educate a Doberman .

You will need to:
  • Training collar
  • Prizes for your dog
Steps to follow:


First of all, the key to educating a Doberman is to have no means of reprimanding him and correcting his behavior if necessary. It's your dog, it's your responsibility, if you share your life with a Doberman you should be able to educate him without fears and give him a life as he deserves. If you do not condemn it to abandonment, every year thousands of dogs considered potentially dangerous end up in the wrong hands, and in worse circumstances.


You must start educating your doberman when he is still a puppy. After 6 months, it is the ideal age to start with the whole process of education and training, since they learn very easily, and that is when they learn to socialize with the family. It's time to teach the puppy not to be overprotective. It is time to start with simple acts of obedience.


You must teach and demonstrate to your Doberman that you and your family are the bosses of the pack. This position of power and leadership over him must be clear. Dogs in general have to want to take control of any place where they are, and your house will not be an exception. But you are the one who orders, who decides what to do and how. Do not let your canine friend take over your house and do what he wants from the beginning. You must decide when you will eat, when it is time to sleep and also when it is time to receive pampering. When, for example, he jumps on you to get your attention, try to calm him down and make him understand that it is not the appropriate behavior. If you need to get to punish him, for constant bad behavior you can use a cage to lock him up when you do not get him to behave as he should. The waxing is only as a temporary measure and always momentary, you must do so immediately after you do something wrong. And I repeat, for a short time. It's not about your Doberman being afraid of you, but about respecting you. When you go out for a walk with him, you must go out first through the door and let him follow you, so you reinforce your leadership .


You must make your doberman relate to people and other dogs on a regular basis. The process of socialization means that you go out with your dog in different places and accustom it to other people and other animals on a frequent basis. If you see that he is a bit shy and it costs him, tell him something nice, encourage him. You will see how little by little it will open with confidence and the appropriate attitude.


Once your dog is accustomed and comfortable with different environments, and is positively related to other people and animals, it is time to start teaching more things. The first and fundamental thing is to teach him to walk well with a training leash. When you walk with your doberman let him go ahead with the long strap, if he starts to stretch pull firmly and tell him in a clear, firm and direct tone "Quiet", then change his mind. With this, what we want is to stop, look at you and change direction with you. If you do it right, give him some prize in the form of food or praise. With this order you can also get your dog to walk with you without having to constantly pull the leash. After repeating this type of orders, you will get your dog to stay still without having to pull the leash. If you see that he does not pay attention to you or get distracted, you will have to repeat the process.


Do not forget the small prizes to teach you basic orders . When you go out to the street to educate your doberman, always try to bring interesting prizes with you, such as your favorite cookies, or a piece of sausage in pieces. When you want to give your reward make him feel, relax, look you in the eyes and now, you give him his prize. Do not stop repeating the "sit" order until you do not, do not encourage him to do it by pushing his back. You must do it on your own and with the words, the tone and the orders, you will end up doing it.


You must show the "down" order when your doberman is seated . For that you must put yourself at his side, take a piece of food and guide him with your order and with the food to the ground with the movement. The normal thing is that your dog continues with its look and its muzzle rewards it until it is totally on the ground. When this happens, give him his prize. You will probably have to repeat it many times, but you will achieve it with constancy. Your dog should stay in that position until you release it with the "agree" order. Repeat the word "down" again so that it continues lying down until you tell it otherwise. To get it up, you must give the order "agree" in a different tone, cheerful, active, and optimistic.

  • We recommend you a lot of patience because you will have to repeat the orders a lot every day. Training sessions should not last more than 10 minutes.