How to get a job at Banco Santander

Banco Santander is the fourth bank in the world for profits and the eighth in market capitalization. In 2009, it reached a profit of 8, 943 million euros, 1% more than the previous year, and distributed 4, 919 million euros in the form of dividends. Surely, getting a job in one of your subsidiaries can be a better future option. If you do not know how to access your job, in this article we explain it to you, because from .com we want to make your life easier.

You will need to:
  • Internet
Steps to follow:


To see the job offers that are available at Banco Santander, the first thing you should do is go to their website:


At the top of the Banco Santander website, you will find a series of links. Search Work with us and click.


The link will take you to another page, where in the central part you will find the information referred to two options. First you can click directly on Job Offers ; although, if you prefer, you can directly enter the CV in the company database.


If you have selected Job Offers, you will find this page where Banco Santander groups, by areas, their available offers with a link. Select the one that interests you the most and check if any of them is of interest to you, in order to register in your database.


If in instruction 3 you have chosen to enter your CV, this is what you will find on the entity's website: the possibility of entering the CV or, if you have done it before, the possibility of updating your information or receiving the candidate code of any offer.


To enter your CV and opt for the job offers available to Santander, you must be registered, filling in the fields that are requested in the following form. You will receive a confirmation email and the last step would be to fill in your personal, work, academic information ...

  • You can see the offers that interest you without being registered and make the registration in case you are interested.