How to organize yourself if you work from home

For some people to work from home in the ideal scenario, however, others do not find it as productive as it might seem, because they are more easily distracted between the occupations of the house, the environment that may not be the most appropriate, the demand of the children (if any) and many other situations, so in .com we give you some suggestions so you know how to organize if you work from home

Steps to follow:


You must remember that although working from home has points in favor, it is necessary that you have a lot of concentration, discipline and willpower, because it can be very easy to postpone what we should do to feel in the comfort of our home


Create a list of priorities to attend, in this way you will be able to organize yourself better based on the needs and the tasks that you should take. It can also be useful to set a work schedule that you know you can complete without distractions


If you want to be really effective working from home, you must go step by step, that is, establish a task, take it out and move on to the next one. Do not start things that you will leave in half to resume them another day, this will make it more difficult to count your productivity


Try to minimize distractions . In your home nobody supervises you so, for example it is easy to stay an hour browsing the Facebook, which translates as a lost time, plan the moments to review social networks and give you a break


It also establishes your moments of rest to refresh the mind, stretch your legs and why not? have a coffee


Have your workspace, work at home does not mean doing it anywhere, you must have a place with all the things at hand you need, an area where you know that when you get there is to devote to work


If you have children and they are in school, the best thing you can do is to organize the work in the hours they are not at home, this will allow you to concentrate better without distractions, in the same way optimize the time so as not to waste valuable cooking hours or doing household chores every day


It also handles internet to perform all the day-to-day procedures such as paying for services, making bank transfers, etc. Define a day of the week to make purchases, so you should not invest time daily for this task


Remember that working from home you should double your effort to maintain attention on your tasks and thus guarantee your productivity

  • The best tool to make time work is to establish schedules in order to carry all the tasks out
  • Do not be afraid of lists or planning, they are good ways to know which issues you should attend and what is the priority of them