How to communicate with your boss

In the world of work, the boss is like a Russian roulette, there are open and communicative, there are closed and unreachable, close, intimidating, in short, like humanity itself, you can find yourself in your environment with a boss who will cost you a little closer, with which you may feel a little fear at the moment of speaking. That's why in .com we want to help you, with some keys so you know how to communicate with your boss effectively.

Steps to follow:


First of all it is important that whenever you want to communicate with your boss, pay attention to your verbal and corporal language, remember to express yourself in an educated way, and channel emotions, for example if you are upset or disagree about something do not forget that you talk to your boss and not with a friend, this is vital


Always try to communicate with a cordial and friendly tone, even in moments of nonconformity and annoyance


If your boss is too busy and you want to speak something specific that can not wait any longer, for example a particular labor dispute, request a meeting so that they can clarify the matter and so that he (she) can get the plan


Before the meeting organize the topics you want to talk about, make a list on paper so that nothing is left out, taking into account the order of the priorities you want to attend


When exposing your points it is very important that you remember things like: taking responsibility for your mistakes without blaming others, not talking in a hostile or too negative way of the company's procedures, expressing yourself about your colleagues with respect and trying to be as objective and less emotional as possible


In your speech do not make assumptions of things that you do not know for sure, nor assume that your boss may or may not be thinking something. If you have a question about something ask directly, this reduces the margin of believing things that are not real


Once you finish your speech, listen to what he has to say. It is very important in any conversation not to interrupt another, the dynamics of the discussion should be talk and listen, if not, what is the purpose?


It is important that if you think something is wrong between your boss and you ask him directly what he expects from you, in case you do not have it clear. This could help clear up the picture and guide you on the right path


It is also important not to wait until the last moment, until one time we saturate, to talk to your boss. Sometimes we decide to take on tasks for which we do not have time, to please our boss, this attitude finally only hurts you, recognizes your abilities and speaks if you feel that you over work


Your boss must be your ally, your guide, who will help you in the accomplishment of your tasks, not your enemy, not a source of concern for you, for that reason it is important that you look for a communication focused on the first and not on the second


When communicating with your boss, have confidence in yourself, do not be afraid to say what you think but in the right way, and above all, work on intelligence and emotional maturity, avoid impulses and words that you may regret later.


Remember to keep a professional speech, be clear about what you want to communicate and keep the order of your ideas. Work on the aspects to strengthen this communication to make the relationship as friendly and pleasant as possible

  • Control your impulses, think before you speak and maintain a professional discourse are the keys to good business communication