How to act in a group work interview

Most large companies use group job interviews to select their candidates. In this way, they are able to see skills such as leadership, something to be taken into account if the position in question involves leading a group. In addition, interview coordinators can see the respondent's willingness to work in a group, as well as its proactivity, among many others. We show you how to act in a group work interview .

Steps to follow:


The first thing we should do is inform ourselves about the company . For this, it is necessary to enter its web page, but also to consult forums in which they talk about their selection processes. If it is an important company, such as Ikea or El Corte Inglés, we will find entries that refer to these processes without problems.


First of all, we must think that we do not know what profiles they are looking for. They may look for someone with leadership skills, someone who simply follows the orders, someone young, older, etc. The ideal in the face of this ignorance is to behave with total normality . Do not pretend any role, because the truth is that this will never be a good idea, since later, in personal interviews, it will be much more difficult to pretend.


The most important thing in a group work interview is to try to work in groups cordially . Normally they are ideal interviews to be able to identify our ability to work in groups, as well as our behavior with others. For this reason, we must be cordial at all times, showing our opinions and a certain leadership but not abusing.


It is essential to know in advance that in these types of interviews there are no good or bad options. Generally, we will be asked group questions in which we simply try to see how we work with the rest of the participants. So, cordiality, respect and firmness are some of the attitudes that recruiters expect to see in us.


There are some tricks that, in addition to appealing to our recruiters, will help us to be much more comfortable with our colleagues. For example, always say the name of the person to whom we are going. This implies closeness and makes the other person feel automatically important.


We must respect others at all times. We can and must defend our criteria with arguments, but we will always have to listen to the rest without interrupting or raising our voices. Monologues do not like it. Also, it is always better to think before speaking, if we do not screw up we will not have to worry.


We must be very careful with what we do not say but it is seen; and it is that in these interviews, recruiters will study even the smallest detail of our nonverbal behavior. We must therefore control it, however difficult it may be, because our gestures can give us away at a given moment. We recommend studying this point a little to know which gestures denote security in oneself and which indicate insecurity.