How to look for work creatively

In the age of the internet, looking for work does not mean going around the city papering each company with our curriculum, and that new technologies not only admit but also do not allow conventions, so start by breaking the patterns with a Curriculum summary attractive to the eye, but you can also apply some of these ideas to find creative work, maybe it will work, it's just a matter of trying, the results may surprise you

Steps to follow:


Internet dominates the world, and it is very likely that your employer will search you on Google, so many have decided to create their own website with the reasons why they should hire them, along with their curricular summaries, as is the case with Loren Burton and its fantastic site


Another great option is to break paradigms and submit your CV in video, hang it on YouTube or Vimeo, this will guarantee that many more people will visualize that if it is just a CV sent by email


Create a web page implies or know how to do it or have the resources to pay whoever does it, however, making a blog is much simpler, and use it to find a job too. This is the proposal of Melissa Cabrera, who created the blog The Melon Times, to promote yourself, find out here


You can use social networks to advertise yourself and take as many people as possible to your CV, creativity is the limit


It is clear that not everyone will be able to use these strategies in the search for a job, but if your experience is in the area of ​​technology, audiovisuals, design and creativity, these are ingenious tools that you can not ignore.


Create your own mechanism that makes you stand out above the hundreds of curricular summaries that a company can receive daily, patience and above all, good luck!