How to handle a negative co-worker

The visible negativity, deep, impossible to hide is perhaps one of the most complex attitudes that may exist, and is that not only affects who suffers but also those who are in their environment . And when this is transferred to the working environment the situation can become even more uncomfortable, that's why in .com we give you some key tips so you know how to handle a negative co-worker

Steps to follow:


The negativity is penetrating and contagious, so try to relate to your partner only at work, avoid discussing personal issues so you can not find a way to install your negativity in your life, the less you expose yourself better


Identify the negativity when it arises and try not to allow the work project you are carrying out to penetrate, it is not a question of preventing your partner from expressing himself, but rather that what he says does not affect you to the extent that he is infected


Stop the advance of negativity with positivism, there is nothing that leaves more in check to someone negative than a positive response, in this way two things can happen: the other note that it is negative or that it eventually stops making you negative comments It is clear that you do not allow a discussion about it


If it's someone you really appreciate and that you care about, talk directly to him (her) about the subject. Many times the negative people do not notice that they are until someone says it, others hide behind the idea of ​​being "realistic" instead of negative, the important thing is to let them know delicately that this behavior could affect them (a)


If after talking about the subject things do not improve, do not wear trying to change the other, as well as happiness, negativity is also an attitude towards life, concentrate on doing your job as best as possible and if you have to deal with that person, do it knowing that you must constantly press him to get results in a positive way and without so many complaints

  • Have a lot of patience, but above all, have a mechanism to defend yourself from negativity, because sometimes it can be contagious
  • Focus on your attitude towards work, your positivism, your way of working, stay open to good things and block bad things so that it does not affect your performance