How to collect a nominative check

Among the variety of checks that exist, we find among them the nominative check, one of the most commonly used checks . It is so named because the check itself includes the name of the person or entity that can collect the check, and most cases can not be endorsed to another person. Then, in .com, we explain how to collect a nominative check, both for the person in whose name you are willing and for another person.

When can I cash a nominative check?

The first thing you have to take into account is the deadline to collect a nominative check established by the Exchange and Check Law ( 15 days from its date of issue for those issued or payable in Spain).

In a nominative check the expressions of the type "bearer" have disappeared, since it does not possess who carries it, but who says in the check that it must be its possessor, including his name and surname. These checks, as available, may or may not be endorsed to another person, but that does not mean that the other person can cash it.

Forms of payment of the nominative check

On the other hand, you must decide how to cash the check. There are different possibilities:

  • In cash There is no fee to pay, unless you intend to collect the check at an office other than the signer's account, in which case you may be required to pay a commission for balance and signature verification.
  • Pay it in an account of the entity that pays it, if it is open. There is no fee to pay.
  • Pay it into an account of an entity other than the one that pays it. Usually, they will charge you commission. If you have an account in several entities, it may be interesting to compare the bank fees you charge before deciding which one the check is to enter.


When the check is taken for deposit, the entity will issue a receipt, which will include the most relevant data (number, amount, drawn).