How to make a graph of events

An event is anything from a birthday to an achievement at work. Business owners use event diagrams (sometimes called Gantt charts) to plot their strategic plans. The creation of an event chart can also help motivate you to continue to achieve achievements in the future. Graphic map software allows you to make professional and attractive graphics for your needs.

You will need to:
  • Tom's PLanner software
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MindView
Steps to follow:


Create a chart using MindView. This cartographic tool allows you to import programming data that contains the dates of events of other programs. Next, format, manage and edit the information to your liking. A finished chart can be a variety of views such as Gantt, a map view, a timeline, or present schema format. You can also filter certain data when necessary to make the graph easier to read and follow.


Make a table in Microsoft Excel. Excel has a graphical tool that allows the transfer of information in individual data cells to a visual chart line format. To update the milestones in the chart, add new rows to the data table in the Excel spreadsheet. You can also modify the appearance of the table, such as text style and colors.


Use the Tom's PLanner software to create an event graph . This project planning software offers a drag-and-drop feature, so you can add specific goals to an attractive and colorful graphic of your Internet browser. Manage the data on the left side of the edit window, and see the changes in the box on the right. It is necessary to register in an account to use this graphics service. You can also create and maintain your graphic line if you wish.

  • You must have all the data that will go in the chart well ordered, to avoid problems when creating the graphic.