How to make a dog bed

Do you want to make a bed for your dog? Take note of these ideas that will surely be very simple to create with your own hands and at zero cost a place where your dog can rest peacefully. Get to work and make a comfortable, original and unique bed. You just need a little time, gather some materials and, of course, desire to do something special for your dog. In this .com article, we show you step by step how to make a dog bed.

Steps to follow:


If you want to make a bed for your hairy friend that is resistant, a great option is to use a wooden box. With this material, you can make a resting place for small and large dogs. Not only can you give your special touch, but your pet will be comfortable in a spacious and comfortable bed.

If the finish of the box is fine, at most you can paint the name of your pet or paste decorative stickers. If it is somewhat deteriorated, you will have to file and polish a bit so that there is no scratchy surface, and you can give it a colored hand with a touch of old. In this case, to facilitate mobility you can put some wheels that support the weight of your dog well and that can be blocked to sleep. Then, you just need to put some blankets folded inside as a bed, or make your own mattress with an old cover stuffed with fabric to make it soft.


Another option to create a bed for your dog is to use objects that you do not use at home. If you have an old suitcase that you have not used for a long time, you can give it a new and creative utility. Clean the suitcase well and so that it is not on the ground, I recommend that you put some legs at the base. Choose the height you prefer according to the size of your pet. As the suitcase will remain open from normal, on the upper side you can put the name of your pet or a picture of him so that it is noticed that it is his special place. In the lower part, there will be the bed, which you will have to create with some cushion, quilt or folded blanket. If you have more than one suitcase at home, you could create several and place them at several key points. The truth is that the result is very beautiful and vintage.


The following proposal is also simple as well as original. Do you have a piece of furniture that is old and you do not use or that does not fit into the decoration of your house? Well, we're going to give it a different use, take the furniture drawers and restore that piece to make a bed for your dog. First of all, make sure that your pet fits well inside, because a drawer will be ideal for a dog of small size, but for a medium or large, choose the drawer of a dresser or a bed.

To start, clean the drawer well, if it has impurities the wood tries to remove them, and then paints so that your bed has an original and beautiful appearance. You can put the name of your dog, decorate with toys, stickers, fabrics ..., the ideas are many and you can turn that drawer into a beautiful place. It is also recommended that you put some non-slip legs to match so that the drawer is not on the floor and you can move it easily. Inside it, you will have to put a mattress for your dog made with blankets, with some old cushion or with used clothes.


A very simple last option is to make a bed with a large size sweater . Who does not have a coat that he no longer uses? Well sure if you look in your closet, you will find some XXL jersey. Take the garment and fill it with more used clothing, or even use an old cushion, to give it a lot of volume. Once it is well filled, the sweater should be well adjusted with the fabric and you will have to cut the fabric that is over, with which you can create decorative fringes if you want. Then, you will have to join the sleeves by sewing or with a velcro that you can open when you want to wash the entire bed.


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