How to care for a doberman

Do you have a Doberman as a pet? Well, keep reading this article to know all the details about this spectacular dog and, thus, give it the best care it deserves. It is an elegant, powerful, intelligent and majestic dog breed, it has short fur and a strong and stylized figure. Next, in we show you how to take care of a dorberman so that he is informed about all the measures that you must take into account to ensure his good health and well-being at all times.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do is take your dog to the veterinarian for a complete review and administer the corresponding vaccines. In addition, with usual controls, the specialist can assess and monitor if there is any sign of concern in its development. You can see if you have a disorder such as Wobbler syndrome, a malformation of the vertebrae of the neck or cardiomyopathy or enlargement of the heart. Both diseases are typical of the breed and it is best to know if you have these problems as soon as possible.


One of the most important care is food. You must provide high quality food with whole grain rice and meat. Your food ration will depend on your level of physical activity, weight and age. Until one year, you will have to feed him feed for puppies to obtain the necessary nutrients for their development; In the following article you can see how to feed a puppy doberman. If there is a very accelerated increase in weight, the veterinarian may recommend leaving that feed for its high calorie intake.


Since your doberman is small, you must dedicate time to his education. Teach him good behavior so that he acquires obedience as he grows up. It is a very intelligent race and the orders below, stay still or sit will learn without problem using positive reinforcement always and with a lot of patience.

It has a very stubborn character and you will have to dedicate efforts to follow you as a leader and not act on your own. It may be advisable that you go to training classes to socialize since childhood. When a Doberman gets used to living alone when going out and interacting with other dogs, he can become anxious about that powerful instinct of intrinsic protection. If you take it to class, it will be useful to have that confusion controlled when you interact with more people or dogs.

Discover more details in the article How to educate a Doberman.


You will have to exercise your doberman so that he stays in shape. You should try to do some exercise at least a couple of times a day. Even if you take him out for long walks, your dog will need to run in some safe area to start up his long, stylized limbs and get all that accumulated energy out. A good time for your dog to exercise is through play sessions, use a ball or any other toy that you like. Even if you are a lover of running or cycling, you could play sports with him.


Regarding bathing and brushing, we already anticipate that they do not require great attention. The Dobermans, if they are well fed and their hair is brushed frequently, will not need many washes. But when you want to do it, at the most you should do it once a month because it will dry up your skin, reducing the natural oils of your fur. You should use a very mild soap and make sure to rinse your pet very well. The strong smell of your pet may be due to an inadequate diet, not because it is dirty. Even if you notice reddish, dry skin, or dull and thin fur, go to the vet immediately to assess if there are any health problems such as hypothyroidism or any other. For its smooth fur, you will not have to worry too much, since it is very easy to clean; It will be enough to use a soft brush once a week.


Another important aspect to take care of your doberman is his dental health. With a good diet, you will be taking the right steps so that your teeth and gums are healthy and your breath is pleasant. It is also recommended that you use toys to chew, in fact, the bones of meat are perfect to exercise your teeth and get it strong, healthy and clean. You should accustom him from small to clean his teeth at home with a special brush so that it does not pose an adult problem.


And finally, do not forget to keep your nails cut. The legs of the Dobermans are long with large knuckles and it is essential that their nails do not grow too much and become deformed. The trick is to cut them before they are too long, doing it little by little once a week. It is a custom that must have since childhood and the more frequent, the better. You can use a special nail cutter for dogs and be careful to cut the nail clean. With each cut, give him a good reward for his good behavior. Another way to cut the nails is with a special file, it is an easier process to have your nails properly aligned and your doberman will get used without problems.