How to know if my canary is male or female

For a beginner to distinguish the sex of a canary is a somewhat complex task. Even experts can be wrong when it comes to identifying if a canary is male or female. The only infallible method to know if it is female is to lay eggs. Any other method can be misleading. That's why in .com we tell you how to know if your canary is male or female with several tips about it.

Steps to follow:


When birds are already adults it is easier to distinguish by their shape if a canary is male or female . The males in general are more athletic, have a more upright pose and are more slender. The females are usually smaller in size, their body and head is more rounded. Even in certain types of canaries, sex can be differentiated by the color of its plumage. This can be appreciated by an expert in breeding of canaries, and is that the plumage of the male is much more striking than that of the females.


The best time to detect if your canary is male or female is during the breeding season. This period begins in late winter and early spring although this will depend on the climate of the area. During the courtship ceremony the canaries show certain differences of behavior according to their sex. The males usually sing in a melodious and intense way to capture the attention of the females.

If you have a pair of canaries in a cage, if there is a male you will try to feed him directly on the beak to woo the female. If there was another male canary it is normal for them to become somewhat more aggressive. The females have a different behavior and begin to prepare the nest looking for materials that are useful to create a safe and soft site. Some females sing but if they do, their song can not be compared in beauty to that of the males. An important fact to distinguish the male is that he stops singing during the moult and in winter.


The most concrete method to differentiate the sex of a canary is by looking at the area of ​​the cloaca during the estrus period . To be able to observe the sewer you must blow or moisten gently to have better visibility. The males at the outlet of the sewer have a protuberance called a button, and the fertile females have flat abdomen to the cloaca. This can only be observed during heat, it is impossible to detect it at another time.


There are other more or less effective ways to determine the sex of a canary when it is still in the nest. Many experts say that you have to hit the nest and check the reactions of the birds. The males usually lower their heads and lift their tails. However, the females do not even flinch.

Another method to find out if it is male or female is to place the babies in a towel or tissue where they can hook their legs. If they do not stop moving and try to go out and explore, it is a sign that they are males. The breeders also say that if they start singing just before the first moult, they are more likely to be males. Although there is a possibility that they are female and that song is due to a hormonal disorder.