How to read a light meter

The price of electricity is constantly debated in the media and in trivial conversations, given that it is one of the bills that suffers the most price instability, due to the variations between supply and demand. In addition, it is one of the largest bills both at home and in a company, so it is important to know how the price is made. Therefore, in this article we explain how to read a light meter .

Steps to follow:


The light meters are those instruments found in buildings, whose main mission is to calculate the total electricity consumption that is made by a specific sector of the building, such as a home or a place, or the total of the building. There are analog and digital counters . Currently all the meters are being replaced by the second model, in fact all should be renewed before 2018, so we will focus on this model.


First, to understand how the digital light meter works, we will analyze its main characteristics:

  • Memorize the data collected
  • It can be managed remotely
  • You can make several fare sections
  • Its possible error varies between -0.5% and 0.5%
  • The control they perform is much more accurate and in real time


These counters have as their main indicator a red led light, which provides us with the following information:

  • If it flashes steadily, there is currently electricity consumption
  • If it blinks very quickly, the electricity consumption at that time is very high
  • If there is no light, there is no electricity consumption at that moment
  • If the light is fixed, we have exceeded the amount stipulated in our contract and consumption is paralyzed


Apart from the information provided by the red indicator, on the counter screen we can know the amount of consumption we have made. In addition, thanks to its functions, if we have different hourly rates we can also easily consult them in the same counter.


Many of these also provide additional information, such as the price of electricity consumed or CO2 emissions. Thanks to these data, if we keep a periodic control of the consumption evolution marked by the meter, we will be able to know our consumption pattern, in such a way that we know how we can save on our bill.