How to make my cat more affectionate

Cats are very different from dogs and, although in general they are very friendly, they are not always affectionate with their owners. The key to getting a cat to be loving with adults and children is presented below in this article about how to make my cat more affectionate .

Steps to follow:


Before adopting your kitten, we recommend choosing among the breeds of cats those that are more affectionate because, in addition to the physical appearance and the care they require, the breeds of cats influence their character. In the same way, adopting a puppy cat makes the adaptation process easier because educating an adult cat is almost impossible.


When a cat arrives at a new home it needs a few days of adaptation, they usually hide under the bed or the furniture, they avoid contact with people, they get scared when they hear loud noises and they have to be forced out of hiding. Try not to force your kitty out, approach slowly speaking with a soft and sweet voice, let it smell your hand before touching it to recognize you and know that you will not hurt. Immediately let yourself be gently caressed and begin the process of fondness.


When the cat acquires confidence it is time to recognize its name . While eating or resting, caress him repeating his name constantly to associate it with a pleasant experience and get used to it. Be patient, the kitten can take up to a month to recognize his name.


Another way to make your cat more affectionate is to play with him, even if he is an adult. Strolling a piece of yarn, a small ball or buy a toy that you can move in front of him, will attract your attention and will serve to set limits, because cats are excited and are abrupt when playing, scratching or biting. In those moments is when you have to correct them so that they do not learn it and measure their impulses when playing.


Unlike dogs, who seek to be with their owners, cats must be sought, caressed, not left alone, have them aside to pamper them during free time. With these attitudes, the cat will be the one who looks for its owner to give and receive affection.


If you leave your cat abandoned it will become cold, selfish and not at all affectionate. Cats respond to the treatment that people give them. In the same way it is recommended not to hit them to correct their behavior, instead, use a strong voice and make noises that scare you will be more effective. For example, saying strong the word NO and throwing an object that does not hit or hurt, can help the cat stop scratching the furniture.