How to care for a cat maine coon

Manie coon cats are increasingly popular in homes around the world, since they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds and, along with more features like their long fur, this gives them a spectacular appearance. Despite being cats that can weigh between 7 and 11 kg, they are really affectionate and love to spend time with their human family indoors. If you are thinking of hosting a cat of this breed, or if you already have one, it is very important that you know well what your needs are so that you can offer the best possible life.

If you want to know how to care for a maine coon cat, keep reading this article and discover what you must do to get an incredible relationship with him thanks to being able to take care of him how he needs.

Feeding a cat maine coon

To begin to know how to care for a cat maine coon we must talk about the food we must offer, since it is one of the most important aspects that directly affect your health. We must think that since it is a large breed and that they like to eat a lot, so if we are used to eating as much as we want, leaving it always with food, we risk becoming an obese cat.

For this reason, to offer a correct diet to a cat maine coon it is vital that we teach him to have a meal schedule, so if possible we will distribute the amount of daily food that corresponds to him according to his age and size (information that you can find in the feed container) in two or three times throughout the day. Also, of course, you can not miss fresh water always available to the feline.

Feeding our maine coon in this way we make sure you get all the necessary nutrients without going hungry. If you exceed the amount of food you will notice in a short time, since they are cats prone to overeating and moving a little, so it will not be difficult to know if your cat is obese. It is very important that the feed that you offer is special for cats and quality, that does not contain fats that make it easier to gain weight. If you think your maine coon is obese go to the vet to recommend a proper diet.

The care of the coat of a maine coon

To know how to care for a maine coon cat, it is vital to know what the coat care should be, since these cats have long, semi-long hair in some parts, which must be kept in good condition. Thus, we will avoid knots and shedding problems that can easily lead to skin and health conditions such as, for example, the retention of hairballs.

For proper care of the coat of a maine coon you should follow these simple tips:

  • Brush your cat daily with care and always in favor of hair
  • To take good care of the hair of a cat of this American breed, the most suitable brushes are those special for long-haired felines, that is to say those with metallic spikes
  • To brush your cat's hair you must undo the possible knots slowly
  • Start at the tips and make sure you remove as much dead hair as possible
  • It is really important that when combing our furry we do it without exceeding in strength so as not to damage it with the metallic brush picks
  • if we can not brush every day we should try to make at least three times a week, between 5 and 10 minutes each time

If still removing the maximum of dead hair as usual your cat is prone to suffer hairballs, you must offer malt for cats that will help you avoid the accumulation of these balls so unwanted or their expulsion.

The toilet of a cat maine coon

To know well how to care for a maine coon cat, in addition to the daily brushing of the fur of this cat breed, it is necessary to take into account other aspects of its hygiene. For the correct cleaning of a cat maine coon daily we pass a damp cloth or a wipe for the eyes and another for the anal area, then we will avoid problems such as infections or knots in the hair of these parts. You should also pay attention to these other aspects of maine coon hygiene :

The bathroom and nails

As strange as it may seem, this breed loves water so in principle we will not have problems to bathe our furry. Although they like to get wet we should think that cats should bathe as often once a month, but better if something more time passes. To bathe your maine coon properly you should put the water at a temperature between 36ºC and 38ºC and use a special shampoo for cats, although we should not use soap every time we bathe. Also, remember to dry it correctly and brush your hair again after a bath.

Normally with the scraper the cats already wear and sharpen their nails sufficiently, but sometimes they can be broken or they can be in bad condition so, then, we will have to cut them ourselves.

To cut a cat's nails properly you should get a special nail cutter, since its nails are rounded. It is important to be careful with the nerve in each nail since you can do a lot of damage to your pet if you make the wrong cut. If you're not sure you know how to do it right, it's best to go to a veterinarian or a pet hairdresser where they can cut your cat's nails well.

A large sandbox

In order for a maine coon cat to use the sandbox well, it must be large, since if it is too short to fit a large domestic cat, it will end up not using it. The sandbox should always be clean, at least without excess dirt, so it should be changed more than once a week. We recommend that binder sand be used to make it easier.

Exercise for a maine coon

As we have already mentioned, this breed of big cats are not very active, so it is important that we have present the right exercise for a maine coon. You must offer toys and circuits with which to entertain and move, you can also allow him to go outside if it is safe for him.

Some of the best fun exercises for your cat will be to simply play with things like ropes, boxes, dams and other easy-to-get game elements. It is vital that you play a lot with your cat every day to help him move since on his own he will not do it very often and, in addition, in this way you will reinforce the bond between the two.

Visit the veterinarian periodically

To finish knowing all the details on how to care for a maine coon cat you should know that you can not miss visits to the vet. Every time you believe that something has changed in the physical aspect or in the behavior of your hairy you should take the veterinarian to check it and make sure that nothing serious happens or, start as soon as possible the most appropriate treatment. Even if you do not appear to be sick, it is vital that you take it to the clinic twice a year and keep the vaccines up to date to ensure a good state of health.