7 names of hairless cat breeds - with images

Cats are very curious animals and not only because of their character. Have you ever noticed the large number of different cat breeds that exist? They are many and all are peculiar. Perhaps some of the most striking are those that do not have hair . These are very suitable for people who have allergies to cat hair.

Are you thinking of sharing your life with a new feline companion and want to find out which one can fit more with you? Keep reading this new .com article and discover 7 hairless cat breeds, maybe one of them is the one you're looking for.

The sphynx cat or sphinx

One of the 7 best known hairless cat breeds in the world is the sphynx cat, you can say it is the naked cat breed par excellence, the best known since it has been with us for many years. It is originally from Canada, although by its name is usually believed to be Egyptian. It was given this name because of its bearing, which reminds us of the Egyptian goddess Bastet.

He is calm and affectionate, he loves the pampering. It may seem fragile to have no hair, but the truth is that it is a domestic feline of medium size, muscular and strong health. Their large ears and eyes, usually blue or green, attract almost as much attention as the lack of hair and the touch of their skin. If you want to know more details about this cat breed, we invite you to read how sphynx cat is.

The cat donskoy or don sphynx

The donskoy is another of the hairless cat breeds also known in some parts of the world, but which is different from the one previously mentioned, although the resemblance is so evident that at first it was believed that the donskoy came from the sphinx cat. Later, genetic research revealed that it is a race that underwent a natural genetic change, as it happened much earlier to the Sphinx, so they are independent races. The donskoy originated near the Don River, hence its name. The most marked differences with the sphinx are the origin and the gene that gives them baldness, in the case of the race sphynx is a recessive gene and in the race Donskoy is dominant.

The character of the donskoy is really very similar to that of the sphynx breed, also be sure that you can live in perfect harmony with other animals and children.

The peterbald cat

This race originated in the 90s in St. Petersburg. It emerged from the cross between the Siamese and Donskoy breeds, thus obtaining a feline with an oriental aspect and no hair. It is true that there are individuals who can have a thin layer of hair a few millimeters long. This is because in this breed, kittens are born with some hair and gradually losing it until they run out.

The care of this cat are very similar to those of any other race without hair, you have to watch the extreme temperatures, try not to take too much direct sun and provide shelter in cold weather. The most important difference in their care is that they do not require as much grooming of the skin as the sphinxes and donskoy, since their skin is drier.

The cat bambino

The bambino is one of the hairless cat breeds that also has short legs, features that make it very peculiar, and the fact of being so short is what gave it the name of bambino. This race originated from the crossing of two races of which has drawn these two features so characteristic. On the one hand, the sphynx breed gave him the gene for not having hair and, on the other hand, the munchkin cat breed gave him the short legs.

It is a very new breed, since the first specimen was born only about 10 years ago. Its skin is drier than that of other hairless breeds and, for this reason, it costs less to keep the skin of a bambino cat healthy.

The Ukrainian levkoy cat

As the name suggests, the Levkoy come from Ukraine. It is a race of very recent appearance that began to be seen around the year 2000 and has gained consolidation since 2011. It is a cross between the donskoy race and the scottish fold race. These two races have made the levkoy a hairless cat with its ears bent forward . They are very calm, faithful, sociable with other animals and affectionate.

The elf cat

The elf cat is another curiously hairless cat breed, because it owes its name to its characteristic ears. The crossing of the sphynx race with the american curl breed gave rise in 2009 to these affectionate and faithful cats that do not have hair and have ears bent backwards.

In addition, it is one of the races without hair what else can weigh, reaching some males up to 10 kg. Your skin needs care like that of a sphinx cat, be protected from the cold and the sun and be cleaned frequently.

The kohana cat or Hawaiian cat

This last race emerged in Hawaii in 2002 and is not yet recognized as an official race since there are few individuals. The kohana or kohona cat has no hair follicles in its entire body and has many wrinkles on the skin . It is believed that it comes from a mutation of the sphinx cat and has a very similar character.

Finally, any of these 7 hairless cat breeds, require certain basic care that you can consult in this article on how to care for a sphinx cat.