How to know if my budgie is female or male

Sociable and affectionate, the parakeets are some of the most appreciated birds as pets . These birds come from Australia, but its use as a pet has spread throughout virtually the entire world due to its good character and attractive colors. If you have just acquired a parakeet and you do not have much experience in the care of these animals, surely you have ever wondered how to know if it is male or female . In .com we help you discover it.

The wax of the nostrils

The nostrils are the nostrils through which the parakeet breathes, and are located at the top of the peak. They are covered by a wax that will be of one color or another depending on the sex of the animal.

As a general rule, male parakeets have this blue wax (like the one pictured in the article) and the pinkish-brown females .

This, which is extremely easy, is complicated in three situations:

  • Young animals : until 3 or 4 months the wax does not acquire the final color, although with a thorough exploration it can be seen that the males have a more uniform color than the females.
  • Mites : there is a type of scabies, very common in parakeets, in which the wax that lines the nostrils is covered by crusts. In that case it is necessary to start a treatment, and, when the scabs fall, you can see the real color.
  • Not all male parakeets have blue wax, although the vast majority. In these cases, it is recommended to follow the coelomic palpation method, which we explain below.

Complementary methods

One way to know if a budgie is male or female is the character, rather more aggressive and distrustful in the case of females, which tend to show more resistance to being touched.

Another way to find out the sex of the parakeet, quite complicated, is the palpation of the coelomic cavity . The coelom is a cavity that exists in the belly of the parakeet that houses, among other things, the oviduct and eggs, where appropriate.

In the females, if we take them with care and we palpate the ventral area of ​​the abdomen, we will be able to appreciate a hollow in the interior, nonexistent in the males.