How to leave my cat alone for a week

Although cats are self-sufficient animals that manage themselves, the truth is that when we have to leave our house for a long period, after a week, we have a problem. Thus, a dog adapts easily to changes and we can take it with us, but to a kitten the transfer can be a strong upheaval and it is preferable that we prepare everything to leave it at home . In .com, we answer the question of how to leave my cat alone for a week .

Steps to follow:


The ideal option if we go for vacation or work is for the kitten to stay at home and an acquaintance pass every three days to tell him about the water and the food, as well as to check that everything is correct and to keep him company.


If we can count on someone to help us, it is preferable that this person is a person that our pet already knows, since otherwise he may feel scared by a stranger who enters the home when his master is not there.


We must leave two bowls full of feed for the kitten to feed. We will not have any problem with the possibility that the animal will eat all the food at once, because the felines act with restraint in this sense.


To leave our cat only a week we have to put, also, two bowls full of water. Along with food, there will be enough food and drink for three days and, after this time, a person must go to replace.


In addition, we must leave all doors inside the house open and locked with chairs or other furniture to prevent a wind can close them and our cat is locked in a place where he has no access to food and drink.


The second alternative to leaving our cat alone for a week is to take it to our friend's house . We must bear in mind that, in this case, we run the risk of the animal not adapting and trying to escape, in addition to that there are many possibilities that cause nagging with his nails in armchairs and furniture.


In recent years, new businesses have emerged that are daycare centers for cats. It is a somewhat expensive option, but it can get us out of a hurry. We must bear in mind that, if our cat is not used to being in contact with other animals, it may feel threatened and strange, no matter how professional the care given in the nursery is.