How to train my dog ​​so he does not bite

Dogs that are as old as they can get to bite for various reasons. When it comes to puppies, when teeth appear they usually bite to relieve their pains; However, when an adult dog bites, it is usually a sign of illness. Whatever the reason, with the advice we are going to give you, you can prevent this habit that can be problematic for both your pet and your family. In .com we tell you how to train your dog so that it does not bite .

Steps to follow:


To prevent your dog from biting you must make your pet sociable from puppy. If you start your education at an early age it is very unlikely that under normal circumstances your dog will bite so spend time with your dog to relate to other people and other animals. As your little puppy gets used to new experiences, it is very unlikely that he will be afraid and bite as an adult.

You must let it relate to children, men and women so you know all kinds of people and environments but always under surveillance, you have to be cautious from the beginning if you had any strange reaction. In we tell you how to present two dogs.


When you dedicate time to train your dog so that he does not bite it will be essential that you are very calm, have patience and always maintain an attitude of control. You must be consistent to set a good example for your dog with everything you teach him. It is important to establish a good habit routine that corresponds with the training and thus end the aggressive behavior of your pet. It is about being consistent in all the actions you take to educate your dog: if you are teaching him to stop biting, it is not a good idea to encourage him to play violently because you may be encouraging him to want to bite.

Another good recommendation so that it does not bite is that you provide enough toys for it to take with the mouth and bite if you wish. It is important especially when they are puppies during the teething process. In this vital stage, your dog will acquire his adult teeth, which will cause many discomfort in the gums and teeth. A good toy will be a great alternative so it does not bite you.

If you have a problem with a puppy, we encourage you to read our article about educating a puppy not to bite.


When your dog bites you, you must scream in pain even though it does not really hurt you, in this way you will be simulating the behavior that the mother of the pet would have if they bit her. By doing this you are sending a warning signal so that your puppy understands what has happened and must stop.

Once you stop emitting the scream, stop playing for a while and do not listen to him for a few moments as he must understand the importance of what he has done and that his behavior has repercussions. If your dog continues to misbehave put it in a basket or on his bed and give him a gentle pat on his snout after biting. You must scold him after doing it but do not yell at him . You should not scare him, just give him a little wake-up call. A fearful dog when it becomes adult will be more prone to bite.


Once you are bitten remember to always scream or make gestures of pain. Then growl, and even chase your pet to get away, this will make you understand that you have done something wrong and will make you see that you are the head of the pack. It is a way to confirm your domini or your dog.

It is also recommended to follow a good routine to feed and give water to your pet at set times, only after calling and provided you have a good behavior. When you misbehave do not feed him, you should not associate his behavior with getting what he wants anyway. You must be persistent with this process to make it clear to your dog that you are the alpha male.


It is important that you prepare a specific place for your dog to sleep every night, if possible not in your bed. Your pet should know what his home is, if you let him do what he wants, he will control everything and can become aggressive as a demonstration of power .

Regarding the game routine, it is not a good idea to practice activities that stimulate your dog's aggression. When your dog is very active, it is best to ignore him so he can calm down alone . If he succeeds, you must reward him for his good behavior. Give him some edible prize and show your love for him. It is important that you feel that you approve their behavior and let them know.