How to prevent my dog ​​from eating garbage

If your dog has given to start eating the garbage, get down to work in changing that behavior. And it is also not very hygienic, it is very bad for the health of your canine friend, it can cause intestinal obstructions, infections and poisonings, in short it is a very negative habit that must be eradicated completely, and in your hand is the solution. From .com we are going to give you some tips to avoid that your dog eat of the garbage.

Steps to follow:


Many times, dogs eat of garbage for mere survival instinct. If for example your pet has gone hungry it is understandable that this behavior does not disappear completely once you have adopted it. In that case, be patient, make him feel safe, and above all, distribute the food a lot in several takes. That he feels that he does not lack food. It is not that you contribute more food than usual, just that it is very well distributed throughout the day so that the dog does not feel anxious. Little by little, your pet will understand that food is not a problem for him and that he does not have to eat from the garbage .


When we are at home, the first and fundamental thing so that your dog does not eat from the garbage is that the bucket is never within reach, or at least that it is well closed . And try not to accumulate too much organic waste, dogs have a privileged nose and how they recognize something that they have seen you eat and is in the garbage, they will not stop. The intense smells attract them a lot, so try to throw away the garbage daily .

And also, if your dog is very eater, it would be convenient to distribute the food rations more equitably to avoid compulsive behavior.


If despite your precautions at home, your dog insists on eating from the trash because it has been taken as a habit, you must be very, very firm. When you catch your pet with the nose in the dough, prepare to scold him, say NO in a very energetic way. If your refusal does not stop doing it, then it will be time to give it a little touch on the snout, but without hurting, ok?

For example, putting pepper very close to or on the lid of the bucket will cause sneezing, and over time, will not approach the hub of discord.


If when you go for a walk you also try to eat from the garbage, and with a simple NO, it does not pay any attention, it is a good time to give it a slight pull with the strap. It prevents by all the means that arrives its snout to whatever is found on the street.

A good idea when you go out for a walk with your dog is to bring some bitter treats, so that every time you see that shows interest in approaching waste, you give some. Over time, you will associate the bad taste of the candy with the trash.


And of course, do not forget to reward the good behavior of your dog. Every time you go to the trash and finally do not do it, give a good prize to remember that the prizes are synonymous not to get close or eat the garbage.

  • As to correct any behavior, we recommend you to have a lot of patience. And do not forget, that your dog is your responsibility, and that it will do what you teach it.