How to prevent my dog ​​from having a psychological pregnancy

Psychological pregnancy, technically known as " pseudopregnancy ", is a very common process in bitches, whose main symptoms include changes in the behavior of the bitch, who presents a maternal behavior, and in the breasts, which increase in size and produce milk.

Although many experts consider it normal, it is not free of risks, such as mamitis . To prevent this, in .com we explain how to avoid psychological pregnancy in bitches .

Steps to follow:


Early detection As in most diseases that can affect our pets, the early detection of psychological pregnancy is essential. For this, it is important to know that psychological pregnancy usually appears between 6 and 12 weeks after heat, which is recommended to be attentive to the behavior and breasts of the bitch in this period.


Castration. The most effective way to prevent the onset of psychological pregnancy is castration, since the ovaries ( ovariectomy ) or even the ovaries and uterus ( ovariohysterectomy ) are eliminated . It is a fairly simple operation that also prevents uterine infections, unwanted pregnancies and reduces the risk of breast tumors, since many of these tumors depend on estrogen, hormones produced in the ovaries.


Be careful with contraceptives. Medications known as progestogens, used to prevent the appearance of heat in animals, can increase the risk of psychological pregnancy. It is recommended to use these drugs under the supervision of a veterinarian .


Elizabethan necklace . Elizabethan collars, also known as "bells", are wide plastic necklaces that can be purchased at veterinary centers and specialty stores.

These collars are used, once the psychological pregnancy is detected, to prevent the bitch from getting to lick the breasts, which avoids irritation and reduces the production of milk because the licking of the breasts stimulates lactation.