How to maintain a saltwater fish tank

If we have opted for a saltwater fish tank versus a freshwater fish tank is because we are experts in the matter or, at least, we should be; since more knowledge is needed to take care of this type of infrastructure than those necessary for common aquariums. That's why, in .com, we explain step by step how to maintain a saltwater fish tank.

You will need to:
  • fish tank, water, salt, filter, light tube, thermo-heater, hydrometer
Steps to follow:


The first thing we should know is that a saltwater fish tank should not be less than 200 liters, the smaller ones are recommended only for fresh water.


It will require the installation of a filter, a key element since it will be in charge of managing the impurities and organic residues of the water. There are many types and we quote, below, the main ones:

  • Interiors They are useful and easy to use, but we have less capacity in the tank .
  • Foreign They are very efficient and are placed under the tank . The problem is that they are expensive.
  • Background. In this case, the sand is the filtering surface. Its maintenance is somewhat complex.
  • Dry wet. These filters are those that provide a higher quality, since they are not always flooded and allow the entry of oxygen.


The thermo-heater is an essential element is the case that we have tropical fish and its function is to keep the water at a constant temperature. Despite being electrical appliances, they can be completely immersed in water.


On the fish tank lid we will have to place a fluorescent tube to regulate the growth of our aquarium plants. It is very important that we use it because vegetation is a key part of the ecosystem of our fish tank .


We must get a hydrometer, an apparatus that will allow us to control that the salt water levels are kept within the proper limits for the survival of our fish, that is, between 1, 020 and 1, 023.


Remember that the care and maintenance of a saltwater fish tank requires many attentions, so it is important to have the time for it.