7 breeds of medium-sized short-haired dogs

Dogs are one of the animals that takes more time to our side, for this reason there are more and more people who never want to share their lives with a dog. If you are thinking about hosting a furry one in your home and you still do not know what kind of breed you may like, first think about things like space and time that you have. If you have a good space and time to walk and exercise your new partner, then a medium-sized dog may be a good choice for you.

If you are curious to know some breeds of dogs of this size, keep reading this article of .com and discover 7 breeds of medium-sized dogs with short hair, so that you can easily discover one that fits you.

The Hungarian braco or vizsla

One of the short-haired medium-sized dog breeds that is gaining most popularity is the Hungarian vizsla or braco . It is a can of medium size, since it usually weighs around 25 kg or less and measure between 50 and 70 cm high. This hunting dog has short, yellowish brown fur, never has spots of other colors, and its eyes are oval amber, green or yellowish.

The Hungarian braco is a very faithful and affectionate medium-sized dog that needs a high amount of daily exercise. He can live with other pets as long as he gets used to them soon, since they have a high hunting instinct.

The English bull terrier

Another breed of medium-sized short-haired dogs that is increasingly present in homes around the world is the English bull terrier . A very easy to recognize dog because of its compact and elongated head and its triangular and short ears, as well as its unique dark eyes for being triangular. In addition, it usually weighs between 25 and 45 kg and measure 45 to 55 cm high.

Although he is a powerful dog and in several countries he is included as PPP (Potentially Dangerous Dog), he is really a faithful dog and guardian, even overprotective, who likes to be caressed at all times and play without stopping. They have a high level of energy so they need to exercise fairly daily. In addition, they are also characterized by being stubborn so it is very important that you receive a correct education from puppy. It is important to keep in mind the need for a license to have this dog as a companion.

The shar pei

The shar pei is one of the quietest medium-sized dog breeds, making it ideal for older people or for children who are also somewhat calm. This is one of the breeds of medium-sized short-haired dogs that are of Chinese origin, in addition, they are usually brown or black and measure between 45 and 55 cm weighing between 10 and 25 kg. They are easily recognized by a large number of wrinkles on the skin, a small, triangular ears attached to the head and a wide, dark snout.

He is a very affectionate dog with his family, very loyal and protective, but he is also considered to be somewhat independent . Although it is quite quiet, it also needs daily walks in which you can relate and exercise a bit.

The American pit bull terrier

One of the most famous short haired medium-sized dog breeds in the world is undoubtedly the American pit bull terrier, considered potentially dangerous dog (PPP) so it is necessary to have a license to have it as a companion. These scans usually measure between 45 and 60 cm in height and weigh between 25 and 50 kg, their fur is short and many different colors from gray to brown, black or white, going through many shades and sometimes showing spots. It is a very strong dog with a lot of energy so it needs daily walks in which you can exercise a lot.

A dog of this breed if it is well socialized does not represent any danger, in fact when they are accustomed to being with people and to meet more dogs, pit bulls are very playful, friendly and easily trust others. In addition to enjoying the game is a dog with a lot of patience, so it is indicated to live with children as long as they are taught to live properly.

The boxer

One of the best breeds of medium-sized dogs with short hair for children is undoubtedly the boxer, a dog that weighs between 25 and 50 kg and usually measures between 55 and 70 cm in height. It is well known all over the world and easy to recognize because of its short snout and short but somewhat drooping ears, formerly seen with its short tail and currently, more and more, with its long tail. In addition, it is one of the dogs that release less hair.

Normally their basic short coat is brown with a black spot on the snout, but currently there are more colors like the tabby with or without spots or the brown with some white markings on the chest and feet, among others. They are active dogs, although it is not good to exercise them in excess, very loyal to their family, vigilantes and patients, so they are not only one of the best breeds of dogs for children but also for older people.

The basset hound

One of the breeds of medium-sized short-haired dogs that is different from the ones we have discussed so far is the basset hound, which weighs between 25 and 40 kg but is between 35 and 40 cm tall. They are somewhat low dogs due to their short legs, but in fact they are quite elongated. In addition, they are also recognizable by their long ears and their short hair is usually white, black and brown.

The basset hound is a dog that likes to have fun and play with other animals as well as other people from outside the family, is very affable, affectionate and patient with the little ones. Since it is a hunting and tracking dog, it needs long walks even if they are somewhat relaxed.

The English bulldog

Finally, one of the medium-sized dog breeds also known everywhere is the English bulldog, which weighs between 15 and 25 kg and measures between 35 and 45 cm in height. It is characterized by its compact body, a large head with a very short snout and wide mouth, in addition its legs are usually somewhat arched, in fact, due to its physique is a dog that can not be exercised in excess. The color of their short hair can vary between the white and different shades of brown presenting some spots.

The English bulldog is a calm, affectionate, vigilant and courageous dog, as well as having a lot of patience to play with the little ones as long as they are educated to live properly.

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