How jewelry insurance works

Insurance for jewelery, allow the insurance company to cover and compensate in case of theft or damage to these accessories. If the house houses objects of great value, the contracting of this type of policy can be very useful, since it also includes works of art, old books, collection furniture or collections in general. If you want to be calm and not worry about your valuables, .com gives you the details on how to purchase jewelry insurance .

Why do it?

Household insurance only covers valuables up to a certain monetary limit, so it is important to contract a complementary coverage to these policies, which allows compensation for the theft or damage of jewelry without limitation.

What objects are considered valuable?

Mainly, jewels, pearls, precious stones and objects with precious metals are considered jewels. The other objects of value that we can find are works of art, old books, collection furniture, etc.

Are they very expensive?

If the jewels or valuables identified are not significant, the insurance will include it in the general household insurance, but if its importance is high, the exclusive policy must be contracted . This type of insurance can vary its cost depending on the objects themselves and also how they are saved. If it is in a safe, it will be cheaper.

What will they ask in case of theft?

The procedure to follow begins by making the report to the police so that it can be delivered to the insurance. This document should have a list of the missing objects and their estimated value. This complaint, for the process to be valid, would have to be made within 72 hours of the theft. Immediately after communicating the loss to the insurer, the company sends an expert to make an acknowledgment and to evaluate the situation. After this and to fill out a part of the claim, the insurance will assess the situation in which it occurred and whether or not it pays the corresponding compensation.