How to send money to another person

To send money to a person who is far away, perhaps in another city, another province or in a different country, there are safe and effective alternatives that do not depend on a bank account in a given entity. Although electronic transfers are a sure way to get it, it is not always in our power to do so, so in this article of .com we explain how to send money to another person through various alternative means.

Postal twists

Many emails around the world, such as Argentina or Spain, offer money orders . It is a kind of coupon / check that is purchased in the authorized offices, it must be completed and certified by the postal employee, then it is placed in an envelope and sent as a simple common letter. Delay between 7 and 10 days to arrive at the destination address.

When the recipient of the money order receives it, you can go with that coupon / check to the nearest post office to collect the money.

  • Advantages: it is the most economical alternative to send money to a person .
  • Disadvantages: it takes a little time compared with other modalities.

Telegraphic turns

Another option, also available in many post offices, is telegraphic money orders . It is a telegram that is sent to the recipient with the information to collect the money transfer, this mode takes between 24 and 48 hours for major cities and 72 for other authorized locations.

Who must collect the money should be brought with the telegram, ID and other requirements to an office authorized to pay for it.

  • Advantages: speed, because it only takes between 24 and 48 hours in the main cities.
  • Disadvantages: the commission charged by the postal company.

Money in minutes with Western Union

Western Union is a spin-off company with a history of more than 150 years and presence in 195 countries. It is possible to send money in just minutes with the Western Union system, with the speed and guarantee guaranteed by its extensive trajectory.

Step by step to send money:

  • Fill the form "To Send Money" with the data of city and country of destination, amount of money you want to send and full name and surname of the beneficiary as it appears on the ID of the recipient.
  • Deliver it with the money to be sent showing your valid ID, passport, etc.
  • Withdraw the receipt with your unique transfer code, the MTCN number (control number). Make sure that the recipient knows the amount of money sent and this code, because they are requirements for it to be charged.

Step by step to receive money through Western Union:

  • Enter your valid ID and fill out the "To Receive Money" form. You must include the exact (complete) name and the country of the person who sent it, in addition to the amount of money to be received.
  • The operator will enter the data in the network and will confirm that the money has been sent.
  • The money will be delivered immediately.

Other options

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