How to create a limited company company

You have a great idea, you have advised and it seems profitable in the market so you are about to take the big step and create your own business, but to begin implies following a series of guidelines with which sometimes you are not familiar, that we list you the steps that you must follow want to create a company of limited company

Steps to follow:


In principle there are two options to start the procedures, the first is that you dedicate yourself personally to carry them out and the second is that you use the Business Processing Points known as PAIT, we will explain the steps to follow in each aspect


If you do the procedures yourself then you must register the name of the company in the commercial register, you can do it by postal mail


Notary the constitution of the company in a notary of your locality, for it you must take the norms of the society, the identity data of the partners and of the administration, the negative certificate of social denomination that they will give you in the registry, and the certificate of what each member contributes in capital according to their participation


Pay the property transfer tax and documented legal acts for corporate transactions, this step will be done in the settlement office assigned to your community


In the tax office you must register with the economic activity tax, IAE, according to the 036 model, and present it together with the original and the copy of the company's deeds. Before filling out the form, consult with a specialist as it can be quite confusing, in addition to the same entity you must request the provisional CIF


Then you must go to the mercantile registry this time to register the company, you need the deed and the proof of payment of corporate operations tax, once registered you can start with your project


If you have decided to do the procedures through the PAIT you must locate the one closest to you and facilitate your identification and that of the partners and employees, the social security numbers and an account number or card for the commercial registry payments. Sometimes other documents are required depending on the case, check the CIRCE website


In the PAIT you will deliver the unique electronic document with which the system will automatically arrange an appointment at the notary


For the notary you must carry the certificate of disbursement of the share capital with which you will obtain the deed of the company


The remaining procedures are carried out from the PAIT point


Additionally it will be necessary to legalize the books of minutes and partners in the corresponding mercantile registry, register your workers in the social security and, in the case of opening a place, request the work license to the municipality.

  • Be patient and collect the documents correctly, the steps are bureaucratic and an error can delay the process
  • If you have doubts, consult with someone who can help you and explain in detail the steps you do not understand, this will facilitate the process
  • The website of the commercial register is //
  • Website of the tax administration
  • CIRCE link for PAIT documentation //