How to create ads for magazine and press

Newspapers and magazines offer a traditional way to advertise. These ads can reach a large number of readers. If you choose to create an ad in the newspaper or magazine, you will have to meet the specifications of the company to which you buy an ad. You can follow some general principles to do it successfully.

You will need to:
  • Computer
  • Notes blog
Steps to follow:


Get the specifications. Read carefully the specifications of the specific publisher. You must read everything you must include and respect. If you can not meet the specifications or find them inappropriate, you will have to choose a different magazine or newspaper.


Create the ad Make the announcement in accordance with the technical specifications, maintaining the appearance and the message of your brand. You can find a lot of requests, however, some remain constant in the industry. For example, you will always have to keep your ad in a specific size. When you create the ad, make sure your finished ad matches this size.


Check the announcement . Your ad may match the right size, however, it must be accurate. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that the phone numbers are correct. Verify the accuracy of your ads.


Send the announcement . Send the announcement to the corresponding agency or publisher. The company may accept your ad or send it back to you for possible revisions.