How to get more participation in my Facebook page

There are several facts that may surprise you about the Facebook fan pages ; one of them is that, after clicking on 'I like', most fans never return to your page. In fact, the biggest mistake of most users who manage a Facebook page is to think that, as they enter constantly, their fans also and remain waiting for someone to interact in their publications. If you are determined to get more participation by Part of your admirers, in .com we give you a small guideline of what to publish and how to do it:

Guess what they would like to see your fans

How can you do it? Facebook offers a record of all the publications of your page that have been marked with a "Like" or that have been commented. The best way to get them to participate is to conduct a study of all those posts that have received the most feedback and Offer them similar themes.

Calculate how many fans see your posts

This number is not shown, but it is easy to calculate. Observe, at least, five of your last ten publications, find the average number of impressions they are receiving and divide it by the number of fans. (Impressions / posts) / Number of fans = Percentage of fans that see your publications. perform this calculation with publications at least two days old.

Link with the community you have created

Facebook offers you the power to gather, in a single community, potential buyers and, at the same time, the option of being able to link with them ... Why not waste it? You can ask them anything you need to know, create surveys, share images and even videos to create conversation .

Use connectors

There are two or three different ways to start a publication to get fans of your Facebook page to participate ; among them we find: -To get 'I like' : "Click on 'I like' if ..." and add a simple second part to finish the sentence. -To get comments, make a small question or write: "Tell me in the comments if ... ", followed by anything you want to know.-To get them to go to your website or blog, share the web address and write:" Click on the link ... "and give them a why.

Detect good posts

A good publication should be as follows: -To have a 1% percent of feedback or more. -To have 50% percent or more of impressions compared with fans. -To call attention.- To talk about a topic that 95 % of the population cares. - Ask for a "Like" or ask a question. - Be adapted to the demographic characteristics and geographical location of most of your fans. - Do not contain any obviousness. - Sell a dream.

Detects deficient posts

A bad publication has the following characteristics: -It has a feedback below 0.5 percent. -It has less than 30% impressions of the number of admirers. -Incomprehensible for the majority of users.- Publications not interesting for 95% of the population. - Promotes issues that few people care. - Photographs without headlines or that could slightly attract attention.

Guide your community

Since you completely administer the Facebook page or group, we could say that it is you who has the final control. In this way, you can subtly guide the conversation of your fan page through your posts and comments. Remember to do it subtly, the point is to create the space for the fans of your page to participate ... Who has not never found a too complex administrator who does not know how to develop debates? Take a step back, do not answer any message and watch the discussion evolve.