How to buy on Alibaba

Alibaba is the largest website in the world in terms of buying and selling products among wholesalers. It is an ideal website to buy products in China and import them to Spain. Alibaba is a company owned in part by Alibaba has available its services for approximately 240 countries and its users already have more than five million. To know how to buy in Alibaba you must follow the following instructions:

Steps to follow:


Find the product you want to buy on Alibaba, either through the search engine or through the categories. Remember that Alibaba is not in Spanish, so you should enter a search in English.


Click on the "Contact Supplier" button, contact the supplier, on the product page you want to buy on Alibaba.


Fill out the contact form on remember to put the detail of what you want data such as the country, the number of products, the characteristics of the payment are important.


It is important that you select the checks that are above the send form button to remind you when you will receive a response about your proposal.


Ask for several budget is sometimes there are many differences between providers.

  • Before doing your shopping on alibaba look at the provider page that each provider has, there you can visit their website and see another contact info.