How to transfer a motorcycle

The transfer of a motorcycle is a procedure that you must do before the General Directorate of Traffic. Before going to the Headquarters, you will have to make other arrangements depending on the motive of the transfer of the motorcycle : sale, donation, inheritance ... This change of ownership is a management that can not be done if fines are not paid before that weigh on the vehicle. In .com we explain how to transfer a motorcycle.

Steps to follow:


To make the transfer of the motorcycle, you must fill out the official form that will be provided to you by the Directorate General of Traffic and pay a fee of 52.20 euros. If it is a moped, you will only have to pay 26.10 euros.


You must identify yourself with the DNI and, in the event that the change of ownership you make on behalf of another person, you will also have to carry your identification along with an authorization signed by him.


Another document that you will present is the license of the motorcycle.


To transfer the motorcycle, you will also be asked to provide proof of payment or exemption from the Patrimonial Transfer Tax, unless it is a professional sale. In this case, it is enough with what contributions the invoice.

In Aragon you must present the proof always and in Catalonia as well, unless you are dealing with a moped.


If you change the owner of the motorcycle because of a separation or a divorce, you will have to present the ruling or the regulatory agreement at the Headquarters.


In the event that the transfer of the motorcycle is for an inheritance, you must provide the will or the declaration of heirs and the proof of inheritance tax.


If the motorcycle comes from an auction, you must carry the award certificate.


Finally, you will also have to bring proof that you have paid the Registration Tax, or that you are exempt, if this is the case.


When you have passed all the steps, a new motorcycle license will be issued. Of course, before you have to pay any seal that exists on the vehicle.