How to know if a car is stolen

If before proceeding to buy a car you want to make sure it is not stolen, you have a number of alternatives. The best thing is that you check it in the three ways that we propose, in order to guarantee for the maximum of possible ways that the car has legal provenance. Anyway, you have to keep in mind that the vehicle traffic networks are increasingly sophisticated so that detection methods can fail. In .com we explain three alternatives on how to know if a car is stolen.

Steps to follow:


First, we must request a report on the vehicle from the General Directorate of Traffic. Thus, you will be able to know if the owner of the car is the person who is selling it to you. To provide you with this information, you must know the registration number of the car, provide your ID and pay a little over 8 euros in fees. If you have a digital certificate, you can do the procedure online.


In a complementary way, it is advisable that you request an informative note about the car from the Registry of Personal Property . You will have, in this way, a confirmation of the data obtained through the General Directorate of Traffic.


Check that the number of the frame that is printed on the vehicle corresponds to that of the car's documentation . The frame number is a unique identifier put by the manufacturers and which appears in different places according to the vehicle model. Some common places are under the hood or under the passenger seat.