How to know if a car is imported

Knowing if a car is imported is very simple, you simply have to have access to the documentation of the vehicle, specifically, to the technical sheet. Once you can read the content of this document, that every owner of a car should have, you only have to go to the specific section to obtain this information. In .com we explain in detail how to know if a car is imported.

Steps to follow:


In the indicated technical sheet of the car, you must locate the section entitled "Observations" and that will contain the information related to the import of the car, if it has that origin.


Thus, if the automobile is not national, the documentation must include the name of the importing company.


Specifically, in the "Observations" section of the vehicle's technical data sheet, the date of the first registration of the car and the country in which this procedure was made will be informed, a clear indication that the car is imported.


In this way, you will be able to know with certainty if the car about which you have doubts is imported or national.