How to know if my car has fap

Knowing if your car has fap will let you know if the car has this antiparticle filter that contributes to make your vehicle more respectful with the environment. In addition, it is important to know if your car has a fap because this system is prepared to do automatic self-maintenance, but if the process fails the damage can be expensive. In .com we answer to the question of how to know if my car has fap.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should know is that the fap is in the exhaust pipe of the car, between the silencer and the catalytic converter, although in some models it is integrated with the latter. In fact, its function is to prevent polluting particles from being emitted into the environment due to engine operation, burning them and eliminating them.


The particle filter, also known by the acronym DFP, is exclusive of diesel cars, so it is crucial to have this information in mind to know if your car has fap . We recommend that you read this article if you are interested in knowing more differences between diesel and gasoline cars.


Another tip to find out if your car has a fap is to look carefully at the stickers that the manufacturer has been able to paste inside your vehicle, usually at the driver's door, with useful information such as the home assistance telephone number and which could indicate that the car is equipped with this anti-particle filter.


In other car models, you should look for the sticker to know if your car has a fap on the hood. So, some companies place this call sign on some engine cover or on top of the bumper.


This system is relatively new, so the year of manufacture of your car can give you a clue to know if your car has fap. Thus, if the vehicle is older than 2006, it is likely that it does not.


It is important that you know if your car has fap because these filters make it necessary to use a special oil. In any case, if you follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the type of oil you will not have problems in this regard.