How to know the age of a tire

Determining when a tire was made is important because the wheels have an expiration date. If we add to this that they are the only point of contact of our vehicle with the road, the question is presented as a key to guarantee our safety on board. The price of changing the wheels can make you delay this maintenance work, but it is not a good option. In any case, in .com we explain how to know the age of a tire.

Steps to follow:


To know when a tire was manufactured, we simply have to learn to understand a series of characters that are drawn on the rubber. Specifically, we will find them in the innermost part of the circumference.


Along with the figures that interest us, which indicate the age of the tire, we will find another series of characters. To learn to distinguish which are those that refer to the age of the wheel, you have to guide yourself by the following: it is about four numbers that refer to the date of manufacture of the product.


In particular, the figures that indicate the manufacturing date indicate with the first 2 numbers the week and with the last 2 numbers the last 2 figures of the year. We will understand it better with the following example.


So, if in the tire of your wheel you find the following code "1102", this will mean the following in terms of the age of the tire:

  • 11: the wheel was manufactured in week 11 .
  • 02: of the year 20 02 .


Thus, the tire in question should have already been replaced in March 2007, since it is estimated that these parts of the vehicle, with normal use and good maintenance, have a useful life of 5 years. We recommend that you read this article to know much more about when to change the wheels of the car.


As we say, although the age of the wheel is 5 years, if you have done a good maintenance of it, you can extend its useful life. In this article we explain in detail all the issues that you have to consider about the maintenance of the wheels.


If the time has come to change the wheels, you should evaluate the possibility of placing your car with retreaded tires. They are cheaper and pollute less than new wheels but, as a counterpart, have a shorter lifespan.