How to know the number of frame of my car

The frame number is a unique character combination that allows each vehicle to be identified. The manufacturer of the model is responsible for printing this identification somewhere in the car, a location that varies depending on the model. This number is very important since it is one of the data that allows, among other things, to know if a car is stolen. In .com we answer to the question of how to know the number of frame of my car.

Steps to follow:


The frame number is also known as VIN, acronyms for Vehicle Identification Number . It consists of a total of 17 characters, so here is a clue to know what it is.

The following letters are never part of the rack number : I, O, Q and Ñ.


It is one of the identifiers of a car that appears in part of its documentation, as in the insurance policies or technical documentation, so you can find it there.


As for its physical location in the car, the frame number can be found in the following locations:

  • At the driver's door.
  • On the dashboard or car dashboard.
  • Under the passenger seat.
  • In the engine.


If you want to go deeper into the frame number, you should know that the first character refers to the country where the car was assembled; the second, to the manufacturer and the third to the segment of the company that joined it. The characters fourth to ninth of the frame number make up the Vehicle Descriptor Section and, the rest, the Vehicle Identifier Section.