How to know how many points I have in my driver's license

In Spain, all drivers have a card for points that are withdrawn in case of committing traffic infractions . The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) allows you to check the balance of points to know how many we have or if we have lost any. To know how many points you have, you can easily do it online and you will only need your NIF / NIE number and some information about your driving license . If you want to check your points balance, in .com we tell you how to know how many points I have in my driver's license.

You will need to:
  • Computer with Internet connection
  • ID
  • Driving license
  • Email address
Steps to follow:


Enter the website of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT): //


Go to the menu in the lower bar and access the Permission for Points.


Then, you will access the page where you can perform all kinds of procedures related to your driving license, fines, etc. and you must access the first option: Point query.


Once you have clicked, you will see that there are two options to check the points you have on your driving license: no digital certificate or certificate, among other queries and procedures.


We will click on Balance of Points (Without certificate), since it is a faster and more convenient way to ask for the fact of not having to install a digital certificate. If you prefer, you can also consult with your electronic ID or a certificate.


Then, you will arrive at the Consultation of the balance by points and you will have to fill in your information: NIF / NIE and Access Code, in case you have already accessed this process in other occasions.

If you already have a password, you can skip the following steps and enter your data directly to see the current balance of points on your driver's license.


If you have never previously accessed the points query on your driving license, you must fill in:

  • NIF / NIE: it is important to write 0's in front if I have the letter well without "-" or without letters, for example: 02312232N or 02312232
  • Security characters as they appear in the image

Next, you must click on the black arrows icon of Request Access Key to the Points Balance query. Remember that you must not fill in the password field.


Then, they will ask you for some more personal information, such as the date of issue of your driver's license, which you will find on the back of your card. It should be noted that you must always use the date of the oldest license, the first you got if you have more than one. Next, you must verify the data and add contact email, where they will send you the access code.


In this way, after checking the data, you will receive an email from the DGT at the address you have specified; Check the spam or junk mail tray in case it has arrived there. Then, they will ask you to click on a link to confirm your password request and then, you will automatically receive another email with your password to check the points of the driving license.


While on the screen you will see a message confirming the sending of the password and you will have to return to the access screen that we have already seen in step 6. With your NIF / NIE number and the provisional personal password, you will be able to access your information .


Next, you must choose the definitive access code to be able to later consult your points balance of the driving license. Fill in all the information requested and click on OK. At that time, they will confirm the password change.


From this moment, you will be able to access directly with your NIE / NIF and the chosen access code and the information will appear with your ID, name and surnames and the balance of points of your driving license.

  • Have your driving license handy because you may need some information.