How to take care of a Cocker Spaniel

This dog breed is one of the most popular companion dogs in the world, its medium size and obvious intelligence make it one of the favorites of the whole family. But despite all its virtues it is important not to forget that this animal requires special attention to ensure their welfare, so in .com we give you the main keys about their character and needs so you know how to take care of a cocker spaniel and keep it healthy and happy

Steps to follow:


Did you know that the cocker spaniel is among the list of smartest dog breeds? It is an animal quite adaptable to any space due to its size, besides being a very curious and awake pet that loves to share with the family, so it is not a good breed to remain isolated in the garden but rather to be at home, with their owners.


The cocker is an intelligent dog that can be trained without problems with perseverance and dedication, however a habit that can cost him a bit to learn is the right place to do his needs. It is very important that you take your dog always to the same place during the first phases of the training, so you will know that this is the area in which you must do them and will repeat this pattern always.

Keep in mind that this animal may be very susceptible to severe discipline, so in the case of a fault it is not a good idea to punish it too strongly. In our article how to scold my dog ​​we explain the proper way to discipline the animal.


Although it is a small and adaptable pet that can live perfectly in an apartment, the cocker spaniel also requires daily exercise because his past as a hunter makes him prone to activity, so you should dedicate some time to walking and games.

Every day you must take your dog out of the house, not only to make his needs, but also to play or walk, helping him to burn calories, to entertain and socialize with other animals and people.


Another fundamental aspect when caring for a cocker spaniel is paying attention to its long and beautiful coat, which you must take care to keep it in good condition. It is important to brush it daily or every two days, and make an effort to keep it free of mud, it is special the legs and ears, so you can bathe once a month, which is when appropriate, and not more often. A good idea is to feed it in a narrow dish so that its ears do not get dirty with the food, so it will be much cleaner.

The habit of brushing your hair frequently will also allow you to create a bond between your pet and you, also serving to detect the presence of parasites and reduce annoying knots.


A fundamental aspect to take into account when caring for a cocker is not to exceed the amount of food that we give or offer too many treats, because this breed is very prone to obesity if you eat too much, besides being a Gourmet dog that will never tell you no to a bite of any food. Neither give him your food or, as with any race, you will create a vicious circle that you will not be able to break.

To know the amount of food you must give you, we invite you to read our article how much my dog ​​should eat.


Like other dogs with long ears it is important to keep them clean to avoid infections and problems, so devote yourself once a week to their review and care, a habit that you must establish since you are a puppy in order to get used.

In our video how to take care of the ears of a dog you will see the best tips to keep them in perfect condition.


If there are children in your family, the cocker is a good companion for them, likes to run, play prey and look for objects, so the fun will be guaranteed. Do not forget that this animal needs and enjoys physical activity, so playing with it will help to strengthen ties and make it very happy.


Like any other breed, it is important to take the cocker spaniel to the veterinarian twice a year for general check-ups, so you will be sure that he is strong and healthy. Also do not forget to vaccinate according to the indications of the specialist to ensure your health throughout your life.