How to make my cat purr

Purring is one of the most striking features of felines and, in most cases, is associated with a state of well-being. In addition to that beneficial properties are attributed to humans as helping to calm states of anxiety as it is very satisfying for a person that your cat purr because it is a way for the pet to manifest that he is happy. In .com we answer the question of how to make my cat purr.

Steps to follow:


The simplest way for your pet to emit this peculiar sound in which the vibrations are manifest is to caress him where he likes the most . Although each cat has its preferences, there are areas in which all felines like to be massaged. One of them is the neck, especially on the sides. Stroke it repeatedly in this part of your body and you will see how soon the desired purr appears. Other cats have more sensitive the top of the head or the back, you must know your pet to find out which area you prefer to touch.


If based on caresses you do not get your cat to purr maybe there is something in the environment that distracts him or makes him nervous. Thus, the ideal circumstance for a cat is silence. A medium sound for a human is very high for a feline, since they hear five times as loud as we do. Maybe you can not get your cat to emit this characteristic vibration because he is anxious for excessive noise in the room. Stress can also make your cat not purr, so it is important that you know to detect if your cat is stressed.


If you do not quietly manage to make your cat purr, wait for him to come with you and sit on your lap. This is an optimal circumstance for your feline to begin to purr. When you see that he begins to close his eyes, he begins to caress him gently by the neck, the head or the back. If you detect that it moves to facilitate your task, continue and you will see how it soon begins to purr.


Anyway, you should not obsess about the idea of ​​your cat purring . A feline can be happy without the need to emit this vibration. In addition, if you notice too anxious with this subject it will be difficult to be calm and, with it, to reach the purr. Some cats purr in a very scandalous and easily perceptible way, with a vibration that reaches the whole body. However, this manifestation is much more discreet in other felines, so that it is only perceptible if we strike hatred to the body of our kitten. Maybe this is the case of your pet.


You do not have to worry if your cat does not purr often. On the other hand, it can be a sign that something is not right if your pet used to purr and, suddenly, has stopped doing it. If this is accompanied by other abnormal behavior, for example, that you eat much less, you should go to the veterinarian to rule out any disease.