How to prevent my dog ​​from biting my things

One of the most common problems faced by dog ​​owners is that these animals can become professional destroyers: shoes, furniture, children's toys, cables, plants, everything in their path can be bitten, which becomes in a very difficult situation to control . There are many reasons why the animal can act like that, so in .com we clarify the panorama and give you the keys to discover how to prevent your dog from biting your things .

Steps to follow:


The dog can bite your things for various reasons : he feels anxious because he spends too much time alone, is bored by lack of activity or loneliness, has too much accumulated energy and is very hyperactive or in more specific cases presents pain and discomfort in the gums. Each case requires a different solution


During the first 6 months of your dog's life it is very normal for the animal to bite things, not because it is a puppy but because, like human babies, it feels discomfort in their gums . In that case you should buy special toys to alleviate it, making sure they are appropriate for their size, those with sound tend to like them a lot.


At this stage it is very important that you give the toys and that the animal associates that is the way to get relief and have fun. Never give an old shoe or an object of yours because the dog can not differentiate between old and new object and will always think that your things are to bite and have fun


As in any training process it is important to monitor the animal and if we catch it biting for example a cable instead of its toy we must tell it firmly No, a simple no. Move it away from the place and give it the toy, with time and constancy it will associate that to bite is the toy and nothing else


If the puppy spends time alone at home, it is very likely and even normal for him to explore and nibble: patience, physical violence or exasperating does not help. The best thing is that before leaving it all day you just give him a good walk where he can run a lot and burn energy to reduce anxiety and return home tired


If it is a major dog of the year that has suddenly started to bite things, it is very possible that the animal is not exercising enough and that is why it feels boring. Pets need exercise especially large dogs, 5 minutes is not enough, you should allow at least 30 minutes of daily distraction


In that time they must play together, run, search and catch objects. If you like to run and exercise outdoors, take your dog with you so you will kill two birds with one stone and share together . Also do not forget that the animal should have their toys for when they spend time alone at home


If in spite of the long walks, the burning of energy, the attention and the many toys your animal keeps biting your things (especially if it is an adult) it is convenient that you take it to the vet, maybe your dog is going through a stage of nervousness and anxiety, remember that pets are more similar to us than we imagine


It is important to be patient, constant in the training but also to understand that pets need and deserve to exercise and enjoy outdoors for their health and wellbeing, that is why it is important to give them time for it, so you will get your things and your home is not the white of your boredom and accumulated energy

  • The habits of pets can be changed but it requires time, patience and dedication from us