How to make my cat accept another cat

Cats are very jealous animals and they see their master as a property that has to be at their service, so the arrival of another cat at home is presented as a great challenge before which we must act with intelligence. In .com we offer you an answer to the question of how to make my cat accept another cat .

Steps to follow:


As soon as we get home, we have to present the two cats and the sense of smell is a sense that will serve as a channel. So that it is not too rough for our pet to see us arrive with another kitten in our arms, it is preferable that we take hold of a friend or another member of the family who is not so much in the care of the animal as we are. Then, without releasing the new pet and protecting it from a possible blow, we have to bring it closer to our cat so they can be smelled.


To make this moment less traumatic and in order for our pet to associate the new tenant with a positive element, we must give our pet a new toy or buy his favorite food . In your unconscious, the new animal and a pleasant feeling will be united forever.


During the first days, both the places of rest and food and to relieve themselves must be in separate places . The goal is that our pet does not suddenly see his privacy invaded by the newcomer, since in this way it would cost us more to accept it.


In parallel, throughout these first days we must play a lot with our two pets and organize games in which the two are involved. Of course, we must be very attentive to avoid that in some launch our pet attacks the new kitten, especially if it is a puppy, since the damage could be irreparable.


In any case, we have to try to prevent the life, habits and habits of our cat from changing because of the arrival of the new pet, since then that would see this as a factor of instability.


After having followed these steps, approximately one week after the arrival of the new pet, we will be able to put them together and share rest and food spaces.